Cooling Tower Rental

As a premier Cooling Tower Rental company, we provide high-volume, efficient water cooling solutions with a range of open-cell cooling towers, ideal for process cooling, emergency responses, and augmenting HVAC systems in commercial, industrial, and special event settings.

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    High-Volume Water Cooling Solutions for Every Demand

    Cooling Power Corp's cooling towers are designed to deliver exceptional high-volume water cooling, suitable for a wide array of applications. Our open-cell cooling tower rental options are tailored to meet your specific condenser/process water needs, ensuring efficient temperature management for your operations. Whether facing unplanned outages, emergency maintenance repairs, or the need to address heat-related challenges during peak production times, our portable cooling towers offer a reliable and efficient solution to keep your operations running smoothly.

    Advantages of Our Cooling Tower Rentals

    • Versatile Range: Offering units from 8 tons to 1,000 tons, we accommodate all scales of cooling requirements.
    • Compatibility: Ideal for use alongside water-cooled air conditioners for comprehensive temperature control.
    • User-Friendly: Designed for easy operation and quick setup to minimize downtime.
    • Emergency Preparedness: Ready for immediate deployment to respond to urgent cooling needs.
    • Flexible Configurations: Fully functional in both single and multi-unit arrangements to suit various operational scopes.
    • Diverse Applications: Suitable for HVAC comfort cooling, industrial operations, process cooling, and more.
    • Mobility: Skid-mounted/Trailer-mounted options ensure fast delivery and rapid placement.
    • Comprehensive Support: Includes standby services, supplemental cooling, and testing capabilities.

    What You Can Expect From Your Rental

    Uninterrupted Support: Our team provides 24/7 customer service to address any concerns during your rental period.

    Complete Solutions: All necessary accessories are included to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

    Professional Installation: Available upon request, our skilled technicians can set up your cooling tower without disrupting your operations.

    Quality Assurance: Each rental undergoes rigorous pre- and post-operation inspections and maintenance, alongside on-site servicing and load testing.

    Applications for Our Cooling Towers

    Our cooling towers serve a broad spectrum of needs across various industries, including:

    • Educational institutions
    • Corporate events
    • Entertainment production
    • Government and military facilities
    • Healthcare environments
    • Hospitality venues
    • Industrial and manufacturing sites
    • IT and data management operations
    • Construction and civil engineering projects
    • Municipal settings
    • Office and warehouse spaces
    • Pharmaceutical applications
    • Restaurants
    • Small to large businesses
    • Special occasions, such as tented events and backyard parties
    • Sporting events
    • Trade shows

    Industrial Equipment Rental

    Large Generators, A/C Equipment, Spot Coolers and more!

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