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    Top-quality equipment for rent, including air conditioners, cooling towers, air handlers, and power generators, all tailored to meet your specific temperature control and power needs for successful projects and events.

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    About Cooling Power Corp

    Cooling Power Corp, based in Miami Lakes, FL, stands as a beacon of excellence in the industrial equipment rental industry. With a rich history dating back to 2008, we have established ourselves as the go-to source for businesses across South Florida in need of reliable and efficient temperature control and power solutions. Our foundation, built on the dream of a Six Sigma certified professional, has flourished into the largest family-owned provider in the region, offering unparalleled service 24/7, every day of the year.

    Our mission is centered around delivering tangible results through high-quality rental services that exceed our clients' expectations. From air conditioning units to clean air equipment and power generators, our inventory spans a wide range of solutions designed to tackle any challenge. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and ethical standards in all aspects of our operations ensures that we meet the diverse needs of our customers promptly and efficiently.

    At Cooling Power Corp, we understand the critical importance of keeping your operations running smoothly, regardless of external conditions. Whether it's an emergency outage, a planned event, or supplemental cooling or power needs, our expert team is ready to support you with state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive service. Join the myriad of satisfied clients who have made Cooling Power Corp their trusted partner for all their temperature control and power solution needs.

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    We service all areas from the Florida Keys to Martin County, FL, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your air conditioning and power needs. We also recently started serving southwest Florida, from Naples to Fort Myers. 

    Spot Cooler Rental

    Spot coolers provide versatile cooling solutions on-demand for emergencies, special events, data centers, and targeted areas within larger spaces, ensuring optimal temperatures with minimal setup.

    Spot coolers are indispensable for providing immediate, efficient cooling across a myriad of settings. Their ability to offer robust cooling on short notice makes them ideal for businesses with critical cooling needs, such as food suppliers and pharmacies facing HVAC system failures. Healthcare and retail settings also benefit from spot coolers during heatwaves, ensuring operations remain unaffected and environments comfortable.

    Tailored for Special Events and Critical Areas

    For special events in venues lacking sufficient cooling, spot coolers deliver essential temperature control to keep guests comfortable. They are also crucial in data centers and server rooms, where precise cooling can prevent overheating of sensitive equipment. On production floors, spot coolers target specific areas, offering practical cooling solutions without the need to condition vast spaces.

    Optimal for Unique Environments

    In tall buildings or situations where extensive ducting is impractical, spot coolers provide a logical, flexible cooling solution. Their mobility allows for easy relocation to meet changing cooling demands or workspace configurations, enhancing efficiency and adaptability.

    Common Applications

    Office Spaces
    Industrial Sites
    Special Events
    Retail Stores
    Server / IT
    Moisture Removal

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