4 Big Benefits To Adding A Portable Air Conditioner To Your Tent Wedding

So much goes into planning your wedding that it’s easy to overlook some of the most important factors, like renting a portable air conditioning unit for tent weddings. There’s no need to buy a portable AC unit when you can save a considerable amount of money by renting one from Cooling Power.

We have a wide variety of portable AC units to accommodate any size tent, wedding or weather conditions. You tell us what you need and we pair you up with the right unit. A properly powered unit is key to ensuring your wedding remains at an ideal temperature throughout the entire event. Units that are too big or too small will fail to properly cool off the tent.

Investing in cooling is easily one of the most affordable additions you can make to your wedding, as well as one of the most important. Some of your guests won’t notice the flowers, linens or sign in table, but every guest will notice if they are overheating.

Have you ever been to a wedding that was incredibly hot or cold? If yes, you know just how much temperature can impact your ability to let loose and have fun. If you’re hot and sweaty, you’re far less likely to enjoy your special day. The comfort factor is just as important for the bride and groom as it is for all of their guests.

4 Benefits Of Adding A Spot Cooler To Your Outdoor Wedding

#1. Your Guests Will Stay Longer

You can control a lot of factors about your wedding day but you can’t control the outdoor temperature that day. A tent is not going to provide the same ventilation as a building, that means if it’s cold or hot outside, your guests are going to be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable guests are more likely to leave early, which is a bummer considering so much time and money goes into putting the event together.

If you’ve pre-paid for a bar package and half of your guests leave early, in most cases, you will not be compensated for that, instead it’s money down the drain. Plus, less people out on the dance floor can put a damper on your evening. By simply keeping temperatures as comfortable as possible, you increase the likelihood that your guests stay through the end of the event.

#2. Avoid Melting Cakes & Other Food Mishaps

If your tent starts to feel like a sauna, you run the risk of your cake melting and looking less than perfect when your photographer takes photos of the cake cutting. Drinks will melt too quickly, causing people to order more. Plus, food never tastes as good if you are overly hot. For instance, imagine if your starting course is a warm soup but it’s sweltering hot inside of your wedding tent. Let’s just say very few people are going to enjoy that soup as intended. Some people may skip eating hot foods all together if they are already sweating in their suits and dresses.

#3. Avoid Sweating Off Your Makeup & Sweaty Photos

A lot goes into getting the bride and her bridal party ready for the big day. If it’s scorching hot inside of the tent, makeup is going to run wild with sweat and hair is going to start looking flat and unpolished. This interferes with the way that your pictures turn out. Imagine getting your wedding photos back only to see that you and all of your guests are sweating in every photo. No one wants to look sweaty on what’s supposed to be the most beautiful day of his or her life.

#4. Better All Around Service From Vendors 

The heat will impact your caterers, servers, DJ, wedding coordinator and photographer. When people are hot they get moody and don’t perform as well, no matter how professional they may be. If you want top-notch service from your vendors, it’s important that your wedding tent is a comfortable temperature.

Portable AC & Generator Rentals For Weddings

Contact Cooling Power today to learn more about our efficient and affordable portable AC units for tent weddings and other events. We want to help your event go as flawlessly as possible! No matter how big or small your wedding we have the right equipment to keep you and your guests as comfortable as possible. 

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