4 Practical Solutions for Warehouse Cooling Issues

Warehouses present specific challenges when it comes to heating and cooling because they are generally large buildings with large doors that open and close throughout the day. Older warehouses tend to have poor insulation, adding more issues to the table. In Florida, where heat and humidity are a large part of life, it’s incredibly important to keep warehouse cooling issues under control.

Luckily, there are things you can do to help solve warehouse cooling issues. Cooling Power is here to help!

4 Solutions for Warehouse Cooling Issues

#1.Install Storage Racks

Storage racks help keep things organized, and they help prevent a buildup of heat in certain areas. Add a series of fans near docking areas to help further control hot airflow. By creating more airflow, you can produce more consistent temperatures. Using portable fans allows you to move them around as needed. A variety of portable fans will help control temperatures throughout the warehouse based on time of day and other factors.

#2. Use Portable AC Units

Renting portable AC units is often more cost effective than running an advanced central HVAC system all day. You can set up different units throughout the warehouse, focusing on areas that tend to produce the most heat.

Plus, portable units can reduce humidity levels as well, which makes your warehouse more comfortable, safe, and reduces the risk of mold and mildew building up. In addition, it protects equipment from rust and other common issues associated with high humidity levels.

Pick between water-cooled and air-cooled portable ac units depending on the set up of your building and what works best for your particular conditions.

While HVAC systems require maintenance and repairs, portable units are easier to maintain. Plus, when you rent them, we take care of any required maintenance that pops up. Need to switch out one unit for another?  It’s as easy as giving us a call.

Using a portable cooling solution simply requires flipping on or off a switch. These units are very safe for areas where people are working, offering a whirlwind of benefits.

#3. Address Leaks and Drafts

Warehouse cooling issues go through the roof if the building is riddled with leaks or drafts. It’s time to find the underlying cause and address it. Old windows that let in drafts or leaks in the ceiling will decrease your ability to control airflow and temperature. It makes sense in the long run to invest in fixing these issues, otherwise you will end up spending more money in energy costs, as well as costs to repair equipment damaged by leaks, humidity, and so forth.

#4. Consider Installing Screen Doors

Consider adding metal screen doors to your warehouse to allow a cool breeze to come through at certain times of the year. A screen door is a much better alternative to simply leaving the door open because it prevents unwanted intruders, like birds and bugs, from coming inside. Many warehouses have found that metal doors in particular help improve temperatures.

You might want to leave the main door open in the winter, but in Florida, you don’t want to keep the doors open in the summer. Otherwise, you’ll let the cool air flow right out through the screen.

Let Cooling Power Keep Your Warehouse Cool

You trust your warehouse to store valuable equipment and goods, while housing the employees that make your business go ‘round. Therefore, it is imperative that conditions are optimal. Plus, you do not want heat and humidity to cause health issues or equipment failure.

You can rely on Cooling Power to keep your Florida warehouse cool and comfortable all year long. Contact us today to learn more about our spot coolers for sale and rent.