4 Reasons You Should Rent A Portable AC For Trade Shows

Portable air conditioning units for trade shows make the event more comfortable, safe, profitable and overall more successful. While a portable AC unit might sound a bit extravagant, it’s surprisingly affordable to rent one. Plus, the benefits of portable AC units for trade shows outweigh the costs by a long shot.

Trade shows operate differently, some offer a number of portable AC units set up around the tent or building. Smaller budget trade shows may require individual vendors be responsible for bringing a portable AC unit if they want to beat the heat. Always speak to the coordinator of the event ahead of time to see if you need to rent a portable AC unit for your booth.

Just because the trade show does not provide AC, doesn’t mean it won’t be necessary. You can rent a smaller AC unit to keep at your booth, ensuring you truly have the coolest booth at the whole trade show.

Trade show hosts should provide AC to vendors in order to keep them coming back year after year.  As vendors are not generally pleased to hear a trade show is BYO (bring your own) AC.

Here are 4 serious benefits to adding portable AC units to trade shows, regardless if you are an individual vendor or putting on the entire trade show event.

#1. Reduce Humidity

Not only do portable AC units turn down the heat, but also they reduce humidity. High humidity levels can make mid-range temperatures feel incredibly hot and uncomfortable. Our portable AC units have the power to cool down humans and equipment in even the muggiest of weather conditions. By reducing humidity levels you not only make the air feel cooler, but you also decrease the risk of mold growth and allergy symptoms.

#2. Meeting Expectations

When attending trade shows people expect to be comfortable as opposed to sweating off their faces. If these expectations are not met, people will want to leave as soon as possible. That means you have far less chance of making sales and closing deals.

If you are responsible for hosting the trade show, you want the vendors that set up (and often pay) to be at your convention to return the following year/season. If it’s incredibly hot and miserable and/or vendors have to supply their own AC, they might not return. There is a lot of competition out there for trade shows. In order to remain a leading contender, it’s adamant to provide a comfortable environment where businesses have all of the resources necessary to succeed. That includes providing a comfortable climate.

#3. Avoid Technical Failure

Trade shows are often held in spaces with poor ventilation, meaning even mildly hot weather can turn the trade show into a hot sauna. As a result, it’s very possible that electronic equipment stops working or malfunctions due to the heat. If you happen to be showcasing a boat or tech gadget and it suddenly stops operating during demonstrations, you’ll be wishing you set up a portable AC.

Nothing can protect booth equipment, grounded aircraft or a boat like a portable AC unit. You tell us what you need and we provide the right unit(s) to combat heat and humidity. That includes excess heat generated by electronics.

#4. Help Prevent Employee Failure

Just like electronics can fail under high heat, so too can people. Salespeople, technicians and engineers are all important components of a team frequently present at trade shows. If these important employees are too hot to think straight they cannot do their job as well, which will dampen overall performance and sales.

If employees become overheated they could also end up sick with a heat-related illness. This puts you at liability to cover associated medical costs. Even worse, it could leave you short-staffed without any warning.

Keep Your Trade Show Cool With Cooling Power

Trade shows often have limited space for cooling equipment, but there are ways to make it work. While at a trade show you’re making an impression on your customers and partners. If you fail to make their comfort a priority, it doesn’t look favorable for you.

Comfort is important, but even more important is overall health and safety. When temperatures heat up too high both health and wellbeing are negatively impacted. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) lists air conditioners as the number one method to prevent heat-related illnesses.

We have a wide variety of portable AC units to fit your needs no matter how big or small of a space you need to cool down. Contact us today for a free quote. We proudly serve the Florida Keys all the way to Martin County!