5 Reasons Portable AC Units Offer an Ideal Solution for Healthcare Facilities

Portable air-conditioning units are commonly used in healthcare facilities, from large-scale hospitals to privately owned and operated doctor offices. In addition, portable AC units or spot coolers are often employed in emergency situations when the central AC system cuts out. Also, they can be used as a supplemental cooling method to cool off areas that get hotter than other parts of the building, say for instance a data center or server room.

Portable AC units are commonly used in the following healthcare settings:

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency rooms
  • Imaging centers
  • MRI rooms
  • X-Ray rooms
  • Outpatient facilities

Common Applications for Portable AC Units in Healthcare Facilities

As a leading supplier of portable AC units, we’ve seen it all! Here are some of the most common applications for portable spot coolers in the healthcare industry.

1.Cool Off Hot Zones like Imaging Centers

From data storage centers to MRI rooms and imaging centers, there are a lot of areas within a hospital that get hotter than other portions of the building. Instead of running the central AC overtime to accommodate for this, it’s more cost effective to install a portable AC unit in areas that require extra cooling. Keeping these areas at an optimal temperature helps protect machinery from overheating or breaking down, or even worse, sparking a fire.

The great thing about a portable spot cooler is that you can use it on an as-needed basis, say for instance during the hottest months of the summer, or when certain equipment is in use.

2. Beat the Heat of Overcrowding in Emergency Rooms

Overcrowded emergency rooms are a common occurrence. Too many people in one area can quickly cause temperatures to spike, especially during the heat of Florida’s summers. A bunch of sick, injured, and feverish people are not going to take well to an overheated space. Hence, why bringing in a portable AC unit to manage temperatures during overcrowding can offer an excellent solution.

3. Recent Changes Impact Efficiency of Central AC

Perhaps the central AC system was highly effective when a hospital or healthcare facility was originally constructed but that doesn’t mean it will remain that way. The addition of new heat-producing equipment, or accommodating a larger staff/clientele base can cause the AC system to become less effective than it used to be.

A supplemental cooling system is used in conjunction with the central AC to cool off areas that are no longer sufficiently cooled with the primary cooling method.

4. Provides Backup During Construction or Repairs

Repairs to the central AC system or other construction projects may require the primary cooling system to go off the grid. A portable AC unit keeps things running at a cool temperature without disruption to normal everyday practices.

It is common for older AC systems or chillers to face issues that need to be repaired, otherwise they’ll continue to interfere with business. Spot coolers fill in downtime so you can complete necessary repairs without worry. If your AC system shuts down completely before you have a chance to make repairs, yet again, portable spot coolers are there for the rescue.

5. Solutions During Power Outages

At Cooling Power Corp, we offer more than just portable spot coolers for rent and sale. We have full energy solutions for major power outages. No matter what’s going on, even if a hurricane knocks power out through the area, hospitals and other healthcare facilities must remain up and running. We offer solutions to ensure your power and AC never shuts down—contact us today to learn more about reserving generators and cooling solutions.