5 Signs You Will Benefit From A Portable Spot Cooler

If your central AC system is not meeting your needs, your monthly electric bill is sky high, or you have a computer or server room, you likely need supplemental cooling via a portable spot cooler. Commercial and residential locations can greatly benefit from either renting or buying a portable spot cooler, both of which Cooling Power can help you score the best deals on. 

Primary Cooling Vs. Supplemental Cooling

Primary cooling is your main cooling method, such as a central AC system. Generally, these systems cool the entire building at one time, as opposed to room-by-room. Primary systems typically shut off on weekends and overnight when no one is there.

Supplemental cooling is any additional measure used in conjunction with primary cooling methods. Additional cooling is needed if you do not get enough cool air from your primary AC in certain parts of your building. They can be used in rooms or sections of your home or office that need to be cooled down when the rest of the building does not. As a result, they save you a lot of money because you don’t have to waste energy cooling the entire building. For instance, computer and server rooms benefit from supplemental cooling measures because they require greater cooling power than the rest of the building.

Here Are Some Key Signs That You Could Benefit From A Spot Cooler

#1. Your Regular Cooling Method Isn’t Doing Its Job

Do you already have a cooling method in place? If so, does it always meet your needs and keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature? Perhaps your unit works great all year long until the hottest months of the year. Or, maybe it’s struggling to keep the entire building cool, while sufficiently cooling off only certain rooms.

Spot cooling is a great way to supplement traditional cooling systems. If you need to cool a certain area or want to keep certain areas cooler than others, a spot cooler is the ideal option.

#2. Your Monthly Electricity Bill Is Very High

Central AC systems require you to cool down the entire building, regardless if you only need one room cooled off. This causes you to waste a lot of money. Portable spot coolers allow you to conserve energy by simply cool down the rooms you need.

#3. You Have A Computer Or Server Room That Gets Really Hot

Portable spot coolers are the ideal and economical way to keep server and computer rooms from overheating and damaging equipment. You never need to keep your entire building as cool as a server room requires. Plus, traditional AC systems aren’t always even strong enough to keep the server room cool enough.

#4. You Only Need To Cool The Room(s) You Hang Out In Most

If you live in a larger home but spend the majority of your time in one particular room, why waste money cooling off the entire house? A portable spot cooler can be moved around wherever you need it most. This keeps the area you are physically in cool while saving you money from having to cool off the entire house. This same concept applies to the workplace if only one office is in use.

#5. You Experience Frequent Power Outages

If the power regularly goes out or you have an old and finicky central AC system, you could be faced with a very hot home or business at a moment’s notice. A portable spot cooler allows you to keep things cool no matter what.

If your business remains comfortable, people will continue to shop there. On the other hand, if the AC goes out and you do not have a backup AC in place, people are going to walk in and then walk right out, causing you to lose revenue.

What If I Only Need A Portable Spot Cooler Sometimes?

There’s no need to invest in a portable spot cooler if you only need it sometimes, say for instance when your central AC unexpectedly goes out or if you are hosting an event. Cooling Power offers a wide variety of affordable spot coolers for rent. We are open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, so no matter when the need arises we will be there to deliver the spot cooler you need. Let us help you configure the appropriate size spot cooler for the most efficient results. 

If you plan to use your portable spot cooler regularly, we also offer the latest, greatest and (of course) coolest spot coolers for sale.