5 Tips to Put on a Successful Trade Show

5 Tips to Put on a Successful Trade Show

Creating and hosting a trade show is an exciting endeavor that can offer lucrative returns when successfully put together. It all starts with a well-mastered plan of action that includes event planning, as well as how you’ll market your event to both vendors and the public.

First, you’ll need to build up the right team with a project manager, event planner, marketing expert, and sales people. Each person has an important role to play, from planning out the event to attracting vendors and attendees. There are a lot of things to focus on. Here are some tips to help your trade show go off without a hitch.

#1. Have enough power

First and foremost, provide adequate power to run the event. Vendors may bring their own small generators, or you could provide power outlets for venders to tap into. The key is to make sure you have adequate power for all your needs. Lighting, sound systems, cash registers; there are numerous potential features to factor in.

We offer generators for rent and are more than happy to help you figure out what type of generator would work best for the size and details of your trade show.

#2. Keep the temperature comfortable

In the winter, invest in the right heating systems. In the summer, crank up the AC. You want vendors and attendees to be comfortable as soon as they enter the trade show. Otherwise, they’ll only want to leave, and the goal is to have them stay as long as possible and to get them to return for the next event. Climate control methods and needs must be factored into power equipment.

#3. Location, location, location

Location is crucial when it comes to putting on a successful trade show. The area should be highly accessible and designed to accommodate rows of booths and lots of people, as well as parking for automobiles. Some questions to ask each venue you visit include: do you provide any marketing services? Do you offer any help with event planning or setting up the day of? How does parking work, does it cost extra? How much room for each vendor is there, as well as how many vendors can a space accommodate?

#4. Promote the event

Create an advertising budget because you’ll need to promote the event using at least several avenues. Before you attract a crowd of attendees, you’ll need to get a solid group of vendors willing to pay to be at your event. Start super early when it comes to attracting vendors so that you have a full house when the big day arrives.

In addition, you’ll need to advertise the event to the appropriate audiences so that vendors have people to serve and feel like it was a good investment setting up shop at your trade show. Trade show vendors will also be advertising the event to their audiences, so it’s helpful to provide them with materials and an incentive to do so. If they don’t get enough traffic to their booth, businesses will be far less likely to return the following year.

  • Provide vendors with materials to display in store, on social media, or on the web that advertise the event.
  • Put up signs in advance of the event advertising what’s to come in large, bold letters
  • Reach out to people on social media, through email, make cold calls, hand out flyers, advertise using Google and social media
  • Contact local businesses and invite them to attend
  • Offer food or some type of incentive for people to stop by

#5. Contact Cooling Power

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