6 Tips to Cool Tented Events in Florida

6 Tips to Cool Tented Events in Florida

Tented events in Florida can get unimaginably hot and humid. You might think a tent provides shade and some comfort from the heat, but that humidity only increases when you stuff a bunch of bodies inside a confined space. Hence, why it’s so important to cool tented events in Florida. Luckily, there are several ways to ensure your next tented party doesn’t turn into a sweaty swamp. From renting affordable spot coolers to adding misters, here are some of the most effective ways to cool off your next tented event.

6 Ways to Keep Humidity & Heat Out of Your Tented Event

#1. Rent Spot Coolers

The number one way to cool a tented event is with the use of spot coolers. Everything else comes second to the cooling power these machines can provide. You can opt for one large unit or several small units, there is a science to selecting the right spot coolers to efficiently cool your event. The unit can sit outside of the tent and a system of ducts can be used to pump the air into the tent.

Keep in mind, you’ll need around 1 ton per 100-150 square feet for optimal cooling. Units range from 1 ton to 12 tons, and multiple units can be deployed on site. Coolers are easy to set up, move, and adjust.

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#2. Place Fans Near Entrance & Exit

By placing a high-powered outdoor fan near the entrance and exit you help push cold air back into the space instead of encouraging it to float out on the wings of the tent whenever someone walks in or out. Plus, this also offers an extra cool spot for guests who overheat easily. Don’t feel restricted to the entrances and exits, fans are a welcome feature almost anywhere in a tent. Just avoid placing fans right near tables where people will be eating or working because this causes everything to blow away, from napkins to papers.

#3. Put the Tent in the Right Location

Location. Location. Location. It’s something they usually say about real estate, but it applies to event tent location as well. Placing a tent in a shady area, out of the direct sun, or simply facing the tent in one direction over another can make the temperature cooler. Analyze the space you are working with and give it thought to find the most ideal location for the tent.

#4. Add Misters

If it’s really hot, you might want to add misters near the entrance and exit. Just make sure it’s not an obligatory thing to walk under them. Some people may prefer to avoid misters, but it’s nice to have them there for the people that will appreciate them.

#5. Keep Heated Features at a Distance

From BBQ grills to a fire pit, make sure that heat-producing features are kept a good distance from the tent. This will prevent heat from traveling into a space you are working so hard to cool off. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, make sure to place heated features so that the wind will not carry heat and blow it directly into the tent.

#6. Go Lite on the Lights

Lighting is nice and adds ambiance to a space, but it can also add a lot of unwanted heat to a space. The space needs adequate lighting without going overboard. Avoid large or low-hanging lights, as well as fluorescent lights that get hot fast. On the other hand, LED lights do not produce nearly as much heat and provide a better option.