8 Commonly Overlooked Things When Planning A Tent Wedding

Commonly Overlooked Things When Planning A Tent Wedding

If you’re planning a backyard tent wedding you don’t want to forget the lighting, portable AC unit, generators, bathrooms and the list goes on. A backyard tent wedding can be beautiful, but there are a few things that countless brides and grooms overlook in the planning process. With so much to remember, it’s nearly impossible not to forget something. The last thing you want to do is forget one of these fundamental things!

1. Portable AC Unit For Tents

Depending on time of year, there’s the risk that your wedding tent will become extremely hot. Even if outdoor temperatures are on the cooler side, a bunch of bodies in a confined tent leads to sharp spikes in temperature. The goal is for people to remember your wedding for all of the fun that they had, not for how hot and sweaty they were.

We have a wide variety of water-cooled and air-cooled spot coolers available for rent. No matter how big or small your tent wedding, we have the right option to keep your party at the perfect temperature.

2. Generators For Tent Weddings

How are you going to supply power to the party without generators? Even if your property is fully equipped with power, you’ll still need a generator in order to fuel all aspects of the tent, including lighting, heating, cooling, DJ booth, and so forth. You’ll need a good deal of power to supply all of these features.

Where will the food be prepared and cooked? Even if food is prepared off site, the caterer will still need a place to set up food heaters and do any additional cooking that cannot be completed offsite. Make sure to talk to all of your vendors ahead of time to see what they need and decide if your event requires more than one generator.

3. Easily Accessible Bathrooms For Wedding Guests

Without doubt your guests are going to have to go to the bathroom. Weddings are known for hours of drinking. Even if there is no alcohol, water and other beverages consumed during dinner are going to need to come out at some point. Bathrooms should be located in close proximity to the tent. If your tent is in your backyard, consider if you want guests going in and out of your main home to use the restroom. Perhaps you’d rather rent port-a-potties instead.

4. Plenty Of Parking

Weddings often include hundreds of guests, all of which come in vehicles that’ll need a place to park. Make sure you have a designated area with plenty of space for guests to park their cars. It’s nice if this area is lit up so that guests don’t struggle making their way back after dark. Take a look at your guest list and you can probably make a pretty good estimate of who will carpool. This will give you a good idea how many parking spots you need total.

5. Wedding Tent Flooring

What type of flooring do you plan to install in your tent? Tent flooring costs money, which is why some people opt for all natural grass or whatever is beneath the tent. Keep in mind that heels will sink in grass and dirt and make it difficult for guests to get around. If you are not adding a floor to your tent, make sure to give guests a heads up on the invitation so that they wear the appropriate shoes.

6. Add Plenty Of Trashcans

Trashcans are fundamental to keeping your wedding tent free of garbage. When serving food, cocktails, snacks, and other goodies, trash is sure to add up. Make sure there are convenient trash and recycling bins around and inside of the tent. Be sure that trashcans are in easy to access locations, but not in areas that’ll interfere with photos—such as right near the dance floor.  No one wants a photobombing trashcan!

7. Lighting To Keep Your Wedding Shinning Bright

You’ll need a good assortment of lighting in order to keep your tent aglow after dark. If no one can see what’s going on it’ll make it difficult for the party to continue, and your photographer will struggle to document your special moments.

8. Day Of Coordinator

Many backyard tent weddings skip out on the day of coordinator, and as a result the bride and groom, or their parents, end up running around all day/night making sure everything is going as planned. This takes away from your ability to truly enjoy the magical moments. A day of coordinator takes care of all of these details so that you can focus on what matters: Having a great time.

Cooling Power is here to help keep your wedding as cool as possible with our portable spot coolers and generators available for rent. We have a wide variety of options to fit every size wedding! Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote.