8 Ways A Spot Cooler Can Save Your Business Thousands Of Dollars

8 Ways A Spot Cooler Can Save Your Business Thousands Of Dollars

A spot cooler can easily save your business thousands of dollars by keeping customers comfortable, improving employee moral and preventing a number of calamities from occurring.

It’s not uncommon to think humans are tough and can handle high temperatures. While to some extent this is true, and we can certainly endure more heat than we often give ourselves credit for, that doesn’t mean it’s good for business to push the envelope on this one. People die everyday from overheating, and even more people become ill and are hospitalized due to unregulated high temperatures.

Installing a central air conditioning system can be quite costly. Adding a spot cooler or portable AC is a far more affordable option. Spot coolers are often used in conjunction with central AC in order to cool off extremely hot areas that need more cooling power than the rest of the building, such as a server room. 

Here Are 8 Ways A Spot Cooler Can Save Your Business Money

Spot Coolers Keep Customers Happy, Comfortable & Spending Money

Your customers have a lot of options when it comes to where they do business and shop. Everything that you do matters when it comes to convincing them that your business is where they want to be. If customers walk through your doors only to be greeted by stale, hot heat they are going to walk right out and go elsewhere. The longer there is no AC keeping fresh air coming in and out the more stale, stuffy and humid the air becomes. It doesn’t take long before things start to feel pretty unbearable.

Keep Employee Moral & Productivity High

Employees do not want to work in a hot and miserable environment. Day after day of sweating on the job is going to leave workers on the hunt for new employment opportunities. If employees are not provided with a comfortable environment you are going to increase turn over rates, which leads to reduced productivity and overall moral. When employees are comfortable at work they are going to take less breaks, work harder and ultimately make you more money.

Prevent Costly Equipment From Overheating

If your company has a server room or operates any other technology, there’s always the risk it could overheat if temperatures are not well regulated. A server room is at a huge risk for overheating and shutting down if it is not kept at a cool temperature. Electronic devices naturally generate heat, making the room grow hotter and hotter. If temperatures are not regulated they will increase to the point that machinery overheats, malfunctions, shuts down and potentially even breaks.

Damage to equipment or lost data can tally up some pretty steep costs. Not to mention, if your servers or other technical equipment goes out you may have to close shop for the day, causing you to lose even more money.

Prevent Health & Safety Issues From Arising

People can and will overheat if they are not sufficiently hydrated and in a cool location. An overly hot office or store puts your customers and employees at risk of becoming ill, fainting and even death. In fact, one study found that the use of home air conditioning cut premature deaths on hot days by a whopping 80%. So to anyone who thinks a little heat won’t kill you, think again because it most certainly can.

No Cost For Installation

A spot cooler instantly saves you money because you don’t have to pay the thousands of dollars required to install a central AC system. Oftentimes, businesses already have central AC but it is not strong enough for certain parts of the building. In which case, a spot cooler once again pays off without the steep initial investment to revamp current AC systems. 

Increase Central AC Without Increasing Your Bill

If you do have a central AC system, using your portable spot cooler in conjunction will decrease energy bills while keeping your office more comfortable.

Reduce Allergens

Spot coolers help filter air throughout the building, maintaining better air quality. This naturally reduces allergens in the air, which makes for happier and healthier employees and customers.

Use The Programmable Settings

You can set a spot cooler to turn on and off at certain times. As a result, you can reduce your cooling bill while still ensuring the building is at a good temperature when you arrive each morning, or whenever the need may be. 

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