9 Signs Your Spot Cooler Needs To Be Serviced Or Repaired

Some signs that indicate your spot cooler needs to be serviced or repaired include: Your spot cooler is not turning on, only turning on for a few minutes or not adequately cooling your space.   

Before calling out a professional, there are a couple quick things you try in order to troubleshoot a malfunctioning spot cooler:

-Make sure the power source voltage is connected and working. Check the voltage of the power source, as well as the operation and overall condition of the fuse or circuit breaker in the power source.

-Inspect the air filters and make sure they are not dirty. If air filters are dirty, they need to be washed as described in the unit’s operating manual.

-Make sure that the drain tank is fully drained.

Common Spot Cooler Problems & What Causes Them

Your spot cooler unit is not working at all.

If your spot cooler is not turning on or working at all, there are a number of probable causes. Some common reasons a unit stops turning on altogether:

-Power is not connected at receptacle, terminal board, or relay board.

-Wire connections have become disconnected.

-There is a defect in the drain tank switch.

-The relay board, board fuse or control board is defective.

Your unit starts up but then immediately powers down.

You hear the unit start up as if it’s going to work but then it powers right back down. Some probable causes include:

-A defect with the overload relay.

-A fan motor defect.

-A compressor motor defect.

-A relay board defect.

The unit turns on and works for a few minutes before powering down.

If you only get a few good minutes of air conditioning before your unit stops working, the problem could relate to:

-A defect with the compressor motor.

-A defect with the overload relay.

-A defective fan motor.

-The drain tank is full to capacity.

-The fan mode switch is set to “stop” and compressor cycled off.

You notice water leaking from the unit.

A leaky unit is commonly caused by:

-An improperly installed drain tank.

-A cracked or defective drain tank.

-An obstruction blocking the drain pan hole.

Your spot cooler is making odd noises or abnormally vibrating.

Your usually quiet spot cooler is making all kinds of noises and potentially even shaking all over the place. The reason could relate to:

-A loose compressor-mounting nut.

-The rubber grommet on the compressor-mounting bolt is either deformed or worn down.

-The fan and scroll are damaged or out of alignment.

-There is some sort of internal interference with other components.

Airflow emitting from your spot cooler is insufficient.

Causes of poor airflow include:

-A clogged spin fin.

-A clogged evaporator or condenser.

-Running the unit without filter(s).

-Fan mode is switched to “Low.”

-The fan motor is defective.

Your spot cooler is not providing sufficient cooling.

Your device is powered on and you can feel cool air coming out, but it’s not effectively cooling off your space like it used to. The cause could have something to do with:

-Local environmental conditions are too severe for the design specifications of your unit. In other words, you may need a stronger and more powerful unit.

-The air filter is clogged.

-The spine fins are clogged.

-The temperature set on the device is warmer than the room temperature.

-The thermometer on the device is defective.

-There’s a leak in the refrigerant system.

-The compressor is not operating.

The compressor on the unit is not working.

If the compressor stops working a number of things will go wrong with the unit. Common causes of a faulty compressor include:

-The unit is set to Fan Only Mode, as opposed to Cool Mode.

-The set temperature is warmer than the actual room temperature.

-The jumper on the control board is improperly installed

-The condensate pump is defective.

-The compressor capacitor is defective.

-The overload relay is defective.

-The thermometer is not working properly.

-The compressor motor is not working properly.

-There are missing wire connections.

-There are defects with the relay board or control board.

The fan motor is not working.

Your unit’s fan motor plays a big role in its overall effectiveness. The entire unit may cease working if the fan motor is broken or defective. Signs of a faulty fan motor include:

-The fan mode is set to “Stop” and the current temperature settings are warmer than the room temperature.

-The fan mode is set to “Stop” and the unit’s condensate pump is defective.

– The fan mode is set to “Stop” and the jumper on the control board or relay board is not properly installed.

-There are faulty wire connections.

-The fan motor capacitor is defective.

-The fan motor is defective.

-The relay board is defective.

-The control board is defective.

Regardless if you rent or buy your spot cooler from us, we are happy to troubleshoot and repair any spot cooler issues.