Business Solutions During a Power Outage

Being in the midst of hurricane season, means preparing for the inevitable power outage that comes simply as a part of life in South Florida. For businesses, small or large, power outages mean lost revenue, safety concerns, and disgruntled customers. While as a business owner, you can’t avoid all power outages, there are some ways you minimize their impact. Let’s explore business solutions during a power outage with the tips.

Plan Ahead

Because power outages happen, it is best to be prepared. Power outages can result in customers unable to access your website or your brick-and-mortar location. Plus, you can’t respond for email and messages without power. Preparation can keep employees and customers safe and happy, while minimizing lost profits.

Before a power outage occurs, or more appropriately, before the next one happens, create a workplace power outage plan for your business. Having a plan means you employees know what to do in the event of a power outage, which not only keeps them safe, but also protects customers who may be visiting your business at the time and helps to secure equipment. During a power outage make sure no one uses elevators, or escalators inside. Outside, be sure no one approaches downed power lines.

You should have an emergency kit stocked and available for you and your employees. Include first aid supplies, emergency water, flashlights, rope, and other needed basics. In addition, you should have backup systems in place to power sprinklers and smoke alarms, as well as light exit signs and stairwells. Have surge protectors in place for your business’s critical equipment like computers, communication, and manufacturing equipment.

Even if you don’t have a generator for your business, you and a few designated employees should know how to operate one safely in the event you need to rent or purchase one to keep crucial business functions operating. Consider adding emergency equipment rental on-site evaluations with Cooling Power to determine your critical needs during and outage. When an outage, with your Cooling Power contingency plan in place, the team can deliver a 24/7 response to keep your business going during short or extended power outages.

During a Power Outage

If a power outage occurs and there is imminent danger, call 911 first and then the utility company to report the outage. If everyone is safe, call the utility company and report the outage immediately. Doing so will allow the utility company to respond more quickly. Next, turn off any equipment or appliances to protect against power surges and fire risks. If refrigeration units are part of your business, keep doors closed until power returns, because once temperatures inside go above 40°F, perishables are not safe. Utilize MiFi (portable broadband devices) to complete important tasks.

Contact Cooling Power Corp for emergency equipment rental for your business. Cooling Power has generators, transformers, and distribution panels to keep your business going when you lose power. When the unexpected and unavoidable happens, renting emergency power and cooling equipment can provide the needed solutions to keep your company going during the power outage.

After the Outage

The first step after the outage is over is ensuring your business’s power is fully restored. Before turning on any equipment, look for damage, such damaged plugs or loose wiring. If you utilized a generator or other emergency power device, turn it off safely before unplugging any equipment it is powering. As you begin the process of resuming operations, start with lighting, and continue to  slowly power up equipment and appliances.

These power outage solutions should help you be prepared for the next power outage in a way that minimizes losses and keeps employees and customers safe. Ready to develop your power outage contingency plan – Cooling Power Corp can help.