Consider These Cooling Solutions for Your Data Centers

Consider These Cooling Solutions for Your Data Centers

Electronic appliances tend to heat up when used for long periods of time, and the same can be said about servers in data centers too. The bigger a data center is, the larger the amount of heat they produce. Unfortunately, when they overheat, it can result in equipment failure and even fire. This is the primary reason for installing cooling systems in data centers.

Computer related facilities and server rooms must maintain a cool environment to avoid heating problems. A cooling system is essential for data centers to function optimally and to minimize the risks of malfunction. Here are some of the best cooling solutions to prevent overheating in your data centers.

Air Conditioners

Water-cooled air conditioners are perfect for data centers with no access to windows, drop ceilings, or any opening where air can freely enter. Air conditioners can extract the heat the machines are producing using a water connection. Liquid cooling is the best cooling option when it comes to computers and data servers. It is cost-effective and efficient in transferring away the heat that emits from equipment at data centers. 

Spot Coolers

If you have a small area that requires cooling, spot coolers are the best option. Spot coolers are stand-alone air conditioning units that are easy to set up. They are affordable and use less energy than the traditional central air conditioning systems. It’s better to have these units available and ready to use as they can save you time and money when main cooling systems fail. 

A spot cooler can help maintain optimal temperature in your data center and keep your machines performing optimally. They can also be used as a temporary cooling solution when your primary air conditioning system is under maintenance. 

Air Cooled Chiller

An air cooled chiller is a cooling system that takes heat away from one element and transfers it to another. These units can be installed and moved from one place to another easily. Just like spot coolers, chillers are ideal for emergency situations and can provide a cool environment for servers if your main cooling system fails. 

This type of cooling system is usually located on the roof or the ground level of the building. Chillers can also act like emergency cooling equipment and help keep your servers from malfunctioning in the event of a natural disaster.

Cooling Tower

Cooling towers rely on high-volumes of water and pumps to regulate temperature inside a facility. It removes heat using water and is perfect for large scale air-conditioning. This machinery is reliable and can reduce the down time during unpredictable situations. It consumes less energy for cooling and does not contribute to noise pollution. Water-cooled technology is considered as the best option among other methods for data center cooling. This cooling solution is designed to be easily transported to unplanned power outages and emergency maintenance. 

Air Handler

An air handler is a box-shaped unit which is used as a ventilator for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, and other places. Unlike some cooling systems, air handlers purify and renew indoor air to make the environment cool and comfortable. They are used to adjust and control the temperature of a room, either hot or cold. Air handlers are energy efficient and are easy to move around. Unlike other air conditioning that uses mechanical refrigeration, air handlers use cooling coils, fans, and water-chiller systems.

It is important to keep a data center’s temperature on an optimum level for them to function effectively without any problems. Their environment should be regulated with care to avoid malfunctioning or  data loss. If you are looking for the best cooling solution for your data center, we at Cooling Power Corp can help you. We provide spot coolers, rental air-conditioning units, and portable generators among other services.