Contingency Planning Tips for Server Rooms

A solid server room contingency plan is crucial to protect sensitive and valuable data no matter what gets thrown your way—from hurricanes to standard power outages. A good contingency plan actively protects you against power outages, hurricanes, fires, and so much more. When it comes to server rooms or data centers, a solid plan must account for numerous scenarios including server failure, disk failure, or power outage.

First and foremost, you can protect a sever room by renting, reserving, or buying spot coolers and generators from Cooling Power. The key to a well-equipped server room is installing the appropriate backup systems so that if/when something goes wrong you have a system in place to take care of it.

Back Up Cooling Systems: Spot Coolers

When a power outage strikes or central AC systems malfunction, the first thing you need is a way to keep your server room from overheating. If the power or AC goes out in the dead heat of summer it won’t take long for your data center room to reach frightening temperatures. As a result, systems could overheat, malfunction and potentially lose crucial data. Our high-power spot coolers offer the backup you need to keep your systems safely up and running no matter what.

What if you have a spot cooler but the power is out and you cannot turn it on? That’s where the importance of a backup generator comes in handy. 

Automatic Generator for Server Room

Generators equipped with an automatic transfer switch constantly scan the local power grid for shortages or failures. When the main power grid goes down, generators with auto switches turn on right away, reducing lag time and the risk something goes wrong. Auto transfer switches also turn power from the generator off as soon as power to the grid is restored. An electrician should always install the transfer switch to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Generators can be set up without an automatic transfer switch, but that means someone must be on site to manually turn the generator on when the power goes out. Additionally, non-auto switches require someone manually turn off the generator and switch back to the local power grid.

Always Back Up Data

Sure, it takes time to back up data but it’s SO worth it. Even if you have a generator and a spot cooler, you should still back up data on a regular basis—every night at the very least. That way if any data is destroyed, it’s not weeks or months of crucial company data down the drain. After running a backup, take the time to test it to ensure the backup was successful.

Data is typically lost when there’s a disk, server or other type of failure. You can always recover lost data from the last backup, but if backups are rarely or infrequently conducted you could be faced with catastrophic data losses.

Industry experts recommend backing up all application files, databases and the OSM more than one time per day to keep company data as safe and secure as possible.

Back Up Data on Third Party Platforms

Third party backup platforms and recovery tools are extremely handy. If your business floods, is destroyed by fire or experiences some type of catastrophe, what will happen to your servers and data? Backing up everything on a third-party platform ensures your data remains intact no matter what happens to your building, servers, file cabinets, etc. To make the most of third party backup platforms, back up data on a regular basis (more than once a day).

In your backup files, create a central file that includes the most important information such as vendor information, sales and customer service contacts. Organizing backup files allows you to get right back into business without missing a beat.

Design Your Server Room for Success

The overall design of server or data center rooms is crucial to its ability to stand up to unexpected issues. Clean, uncluttered spaces with neat untangled cords and accessible walkways are crucial, but so too is the removal of combustible materials. Even paper in a wastebasket can spark a fire if conditions are just right. So not only does your server room need to be properly designed, but upkeep and cleanliness is equally important.

Rent or Buy Spot Coolers from Cooling Power

Cooling Power grants you the power to protect your server room or data center room from disaster. Not only should files be backed up, but additionally, you need a system in place to keep data rooms functioning even if the power goes out or your AC goes bust. Let us worry about backing up the power and AC. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable spot coolers and generators for sale and rent.