Cooling Solutions for Your Business – Rental Equipment vs. Buying New

An effective ventilation system plays a crucial role in running a successful business. Keeping the air cool and clean in workplaces has many benefits. It can make employees feel comfortable in their environment and encourage them to be more productive. A good cooling system can provide better air quality and prevent your electronics from overheating. 

If you own a store that has no access to windows, having air conditioners can make customers and staff feel comfortable, especially when the weather is hot outside. But how do you decide between rental equipment and buying new? Here are some common cooling solutions and tips on which might suit your business better. 

Air Conditioner

The most popular choice for cooling solutions are air conditioners. They come in either air-cooled or water-cooled types. This cooling system is typically used in homes, schools, and offices. Air conditioners are good for buildings with no windows or places where there is lack of ventilation. Aside from keeping the environment cool, they can also dehumidify, and filter out any dust and allergenic particles. 

Air Handler

Air handlers are the perfect choice if you own a huge building and are looking for large-scale ventilation. They resemble a gas furnace and can provide you with warm or cool air depending on your needs. 

Air handlers are also good for your staff’s health as it can dehumidify and cleanse air in enclosed spaces where air can’t ventilate normally. It can reduce the risk of dehydration and keep insects, parasites, and other pesky critters at bay. 

Spot Cooler

Spot coolers are the best option if you are looking for an eco-friendly cooling system. They are affordable and consume much less energy than traditional AC systems. It is an excellent choice for short-term cooling in small areas. They are typically used at warehouses and construction sites. 

They are designed to keep small spaces cool and may not be suitable for businesses that require large-scale cooling. Spot coolers are easy to move around unlike other cooling systems that need a permanent spot in your establishment.

Air Cooled Chiller

An air-cooled chiller is a cooling system that usually works in tandem with air handlers. Chillers are mostly used as a temporary cooling solution and are commonly found in hotels, restaurants, public events, and construction sites. They are highly efficient, and the process of installing and removing them is easy, making them ideal for emergency situations and one-time events. A chiller can remove heat from a building by absorbing it through water and pumping it out of the building. 

Should You Rent or Buy?

Now that you’ve seen some of the best cooling system options for your business, it’s time to decide whether you should rent or buy one yourself. Renting an air conditioner is more convenient if you are just starting your business and you are on a tight budget. It can help you save money in the long run so you can invest in other areas to expand your business. 

This choice is good for owners who are focused on the short term. On the other hand, buying your own cooling system is the best option if you have adequate financial resources and cooling is essential for your business. If not, you can always rent cooling systems in the beginning and upgrade once you have some extra capitol.

An efficient cooling system goes a long way to help businesses survive and thrive. If your business is in urgent need of cooling solutions, Cooling Power Corp offers a variety of options – including spot coolers, rental cooling equipment, and emergency equipment among other services – to help keep the air in your establishment clean and safe.