Cooling Tips for Your Party Tent

There is no location better suited for planning a fabulous tent party than South Florida. Offering up a combination of stunning locations and breathtaking panoramas, Florida is the ideal local to bring together festive beautiful décor for your outdoor party, whatever the occasion. There is just one tiny problem, the Florida heat and humidity can be oppressive but not when your party plan includes portable cooling equipment from Cooling Power Corp. Let’s explore all you need to know about keeping your party tent cool as the party heats up!

Keeping Guests Cool and Comfortable

Providing portable air conditioning will keep your party tent cool and your guests comfortable throughout the event – whether you are hosting a wedding, party, or other celebration. Air conditioning systems designed for use in party tents can be installed inside or outside your tent. From spot colors to larger portable air conditioning units, either can get the job of cooling done, but there are some factors to consider. Portable air conditioning units offer the highest cooling capacity. Located outside the tent, these large unit feature cold air ducted into your tent. Another option is multiple spot coolers. These air-cooled units can be placed inside or outside, an important factor depending on the size of your tent as well as noise levels. Multiple spot coolers offer redundancy in the event of an issue when compared to a single larger portable air conditioning unit.

Considering Your Cooling Needs

Portable air conditioning and spot coolers are rated in tons, so factoring how much cooling is needed for your event is a simple calculation – for every 100 to 150 square feet of tent space, you will need one ton of cooling to maintain a comfortable climate for you and your guests. Of course, you will also need to account for other factors because tent walls are thin, which means higher levels of air filtering inside. Additional consideration include the calculated heat load, which looks at the time of day your even is being held, the temperatures forecast for the day, the activities taking place inside, the number of guests and staff, and the presence of other equipment and lighting which will make temperatures rise more quickly. In most cases, calculating the cooling capacity needed on the high side will assure comfort for your guests throughout the celebration. At Cooling Power Corp the experienced, expert team can help you make the needed calculations for a successful event.

What About Open Tents?

If your tent will be open or parts of your event are happening outside the tent, in addition to portable air conditioning, misting fans might be the ideal option to keep guests cool and comfortable when outside. These fans can cool up to 3,000 square feet and no, your guests don’t get wet, only about 25-30 degrees cooler. Plus, because misting fans are quite and compact, they can provide exceptional cooling for outdoor venues hosting sporting or corporate events as well as weddings and parties. While misting fans won’t deliver the same level of cooling as portable air conditioning or spot coolers, they can provide an excellent level of comfort when budget is a concern.

Powering Your Cooling Equipment

When planning your event, you will have to consider the power sources available for your tent’s portable air conditioning units. Is there a power source nearby that you can tap into or will you also need a generator for powering your units? Whatever power source is required, you’ll want to ensure cables are covered to avoid trip and fall hazards.

Ready to Explore Your Tent Party Cooling Needs?

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