Do You Need a Cooling Tower? 7 Common Applications

Do You Need a Cooling Tower? 7 Common Applications

There are many times when a cooling tower becomes a necessary piece of equipment, for instance if you operate a large office building or manufacturing plant. A cooling tower is essentially a heat rejection device. It extracts excess heat into the atmosphere through the use of water cooling methods. They are commonly used for large industrial AC systems, electrical power generation and manufacturing.

What a Cooling Tower Does

A cooling tower is a pretty simple appliance that does exactly what the name implies. It will cool down the water that dispenses out of a building. To do this, it filters out heat from the tank using a sophisticated tubing system.

7 Instances to Get a Cooling Tower

In order for us to fully explore the topic of whether or not you need a cooling tower, it is relevant for us to explore some of the top instances where a cooling tower is often seen as a necessity.

1. For a Large Office Building

A large office building is one of the common places where you will find a cooling tower. These sorts of buildings work with a lot of water on a daily basis and have high AC needs. In order to ensure that the building has lots of cool air available, a water-cooling tower is often installed on site.

2. Hotels & Commercial Buildings

Hotel and commercial buildings are primary candidates for getting a water-cooling tower. These buildings typically have a lot of people that depend on a steady cool air supply, especially during summer months.

3. Medical Facilities

Medical facilities absolutely need to have a water-cooling tower in many instances. For one, they run a lot of different equipment that generates heat and this heat needs a way to be expelled. In addition, they have a lot of cooling requirements and use a lot of power generating air conditioning.

4. Manufacturing Plants

Grand scale cooling towers are used to help power manufacturing facilities, power plants, petroleum refineries and other industrial settings. There are a variety of sizes used – from large ground towers to smaller rooftop structures.

5. Grocery Stores

Grocery stores rely on a lot of cool air, not only does the store need to be a certain temperature but in addition there are all of the refrigerated sections of the store that rely on a precise temperature to keep food from spoiling. For this reason, cooling towers – often located on the roof – are a necessary component.

6. For Unplanned Outages

If you get a portable water cooling tower, it will remain active during outage times. Portable water cooling towers like what is offered by Cooling Power Corp are ideal for power outages. They allow you to maintain power generation despite the lack of access to the main power grid.

7. For Natural Disasters

Natural disasters and emergency situations are other common instances where people will use a portable water cooling tower. This is a great way to ensure that you have a way to power equipment and air conditioning systems. Since cooling towers don’t require access to the main power grid, they can remain active regardless of a power outage.

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