Do You Need Portable A/C for This Year’s Trade Shows?

While trade shows will likely look a bit different in the age of COVID-19, they will still be happening safely as adjustment are made so products and services can be on display. In South Florida, one of the important factors contributing to trade show success is portable air conditioning units. Portable A/C promises to make trade shows more comfortable and safe for all in attendance, as well as more profitable and successful for all. These units will add additional costs, but the benefits provided by portable A/C units will more than cover the added expense.

Every trade show is unique, with larger trade shows often providing portable A/C units in locations around the venue. Smaller trade shows may not, which means vendors are required to bring their own if they want to keep themselves and their guests cool and comfortable. When in doubt, ask the trade show organizer about portable A/C for your space. Never assume because a trade show isn’t providing portable air conditioning that you won’t need it and remember even renting a smaller A/C unit will keep your booth cool. Here the professionals at Cooling Power Corp provide a few of the benefits of portable A/C for your booth, or your entire trade show.

Keeping Attendees Comfortable

The success of the trade show is directly linked to comfort of the attendees. If the attendees are too hot, sweating as they make their way through the event, they will likely leave as quickly as possible, meaning vendors lose sales and fail to close deals. The goal for trade show coordinators as well as vendors is a successful event. In addition, trade show hosts will likely find that if vendors have to supply their own portable A/C they may not return to the next event which means with increased competition, providing a comfortable environment is the key to success.

Reducing Heat and Humidity in the Venue

Portable Air Conditioning Units, like spot coolers, keep the heat down and also reduce levels of humidity in the venue. With lowered humidity, even mid-range temperatures can feel comfortable for attendees. Portable A/C units not only keep attendees cool, but also equipment, even in the muggiest weather. Lowered humidity makes the air cooler, and decreased the frequency of allergy causing contaminants like mold.

Avoiding Equipment Malfunctions

South Florida weather can turn trade show venues into virtual saunas and cause electronic equipment needed for the show to malfunction. If the products being showcased have a technical aspect to be demonstrated, portable A/C units can keep equipment functioning optimally during presentations. Keep your booth comfortable and your equipment protected with the right portable A/C unit selected to contend with the heat and humidity of South Florida.

Preventing Performance Failure

Like electronics and technical aspects of your demonstration, employees like sales personnel, technicians, and engineers, can also fail to thrive in high heat and humidity. Employees who present products and services need to comfortable to do their jobs well, thus enhancing their performance, sales, and success. The last situation you want to arise at the trade show is your employees falling ill with heat related illnesses.

Cooling Power Corp Knows How to Keep Trade Shows Cool

Trade shows provide limited space for booths and demonstrations, which means decreased area for the needed cooling equipment. The good news is you can keep your attendees, employees, and equipment in top condition with the addition of a portable A/C unit. At Cooling Power Corp you will find a knowledgeable expert team equipped with a wide variety of portable A/C units designed to meet your cooling needs at the next tradeshow. Call today for your free quote and to begin making plans to optimize the benefits of a portable air conditioning units at your upcoming event.