Does Your Business Need a Bigger Spot Cooler?

Is your current spot cooler failing to offer the power you need? It’s not uncommon for us to talk to people who are not getting what they want out of their unit, simply because the unit is the wrong size for their space. It’s important to find a unit that fits your needs without lacking in power or being too powerful.

Portable air conditioning units are measured in BTU, which stands for British Thermal Units. For reference, a one-ton unit offers 12,000 BTUs. One ton of refrigeration is required to cool off a ton of ice at 32 degrees F.

There are several different spot cooler sizes and it’s important to understand the optimal size for your space. An expert is qualified to help you identify the proper number of BTUs required to efficiently cool off your space. Otherwise, you’ll need to compute the ideal BTUs for your space using the proper numbers and equations. Picking the wrong size unit will end up costing you more while delivering less efficiency.

Signs Your Spot Cooler is the Wrong Size

  • Your space is not cooling down no matter how much the unit is in operation
  • You’ve had the unit inspected and it is working properly, and still, you cannot seem to properly cool off the space.
  • Energy bills continue to increase
  • The system constantly turns off and then right back on again – this is usually an indicator that the unit is too large for your space. When the unit continues to cycle on and off it uses more energy than necessary.
  • Unit continues to run without stopping, never reaching the set temperature – this is typically a sign that the unit is too small for a space.
  • High humidity levels

3 Factors to Figure Out the Right Size Spot Cooler for You

There are three different factors you can use to help identify the ideal spot cooler size for your space.

#1. What size is your space?

Is it a large area, such as a health care facility? Or is it a smaller space, such as a medium-sized tent for a wedding or office party? The details of the space and how much heat is produced in the space are other factors to consider as well.

#2. What is the environment of the space?

How is it constructed – are there insulated interior walls, is it open to the elements on one side? Is there grass or dirt on the ground (for instance in a tent), or is it a solid floor and foundation? Are the surrounding rooms air conditioned or are you surrounded by heat on all sides? All of these factors will influence power requirements.

#3. What do you need to cool?

Are you cooling a commercial kitchen or a dressing room? If you’re cooling a heat-producing space, such as a kitchen or server room, it’ll require additional power.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can determine the heat load – which is the heat you need to remove from the space.

Air Cooled vs. Water Cooled Spot Coolers – Which Offers More Power?

If you need a spot cooler with greater power, you’ll want to consider an air-cooled spot cooler. This portable cooling system works similarly to a central HVAC system. While a water-cooled unit will offer up to 60,000 BTU/hr, an air-cooled unit can offer up to 120,000 BTU/hr.

What Happens If Your Spot Cooler is Too Powerful?

The bigger and more powerful a spot cooler is does not always translate to better. If the unit is too large for a space it will continually turn on and off, which uses a lot of excess energy.

Need Help Finding the Right Size Spot Cooler?

Turn to the experts at Cooling Power! We are here to help with any and all commercial cooling power needs in the South Florida area.