Emergency Cooling Options in South Florida

Emergency Cooling Options in South Florida

From power outages to natural disasters, emergency cooling options in South Florida are essential to keep your business up and running no matter what.  Without the right precautions in place, an unexpected disaster can continue to damage your business long after the storm comes to a halt. For instance, 23 days after Hurricane Katrina, ¼ of Louisiana’s customers remained without power. And in 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused 2/3 of New Jersey to lose power for up to 13 days.

You have options when it comes to disaster relief equipment. We can solve even the most time-sensitive concerns when it comes to electricity and temperature control.

Automatic Generators Are Ideal for Emergency Power Outages 

When the power goes out all components of your building come to a standstill. The lights shut off, the AC cranks off, and servers come to an abrupt halt. In some cases, servers and other equipment used to store important information can short and lose data. This can damage your business in several ways, such as harming your reputation for reliability.

An automatic generator powers on the moment the standard power system goes out. This prevents servers and other electronics from shutting down improperly and possibly losing sensitive data. In fact, your systems shouldn’t miss a beat. In addition, there are non-automatic generators, which require someone on-site to turn them on when the regular power source goes out.

Emergency Contingency Plans by Cooling Power

Our emergency contingency plans offer a solution long before disaster strikes. By simply putting down a deposit before the start of hurricane season, you can reserve a generator or other equipment. As soon as the first warnings of a big storm or hurricane hit the news, just about every generator is sold or rented. This causes the price of a generator to go through the roof, and that’s if you can find one.

By reserving the appropriate generator ahead of time, you have a generator on-site ready to go before the storm ever hits—and that means you don’t have to skip a beat. Our skilled technicians deliver and set up equipment, with the option for automatic power transfer as soon as the standard power line goes out.

Plus, the deposit to reserve your generator ensures you never pay more than the standard rate for the generator. So, while it may cost a little extra to plan, in the end, you end up saving money in two ways. For one, you don’t have to pay the sky-high emergency surchage for a generator. And two, your business doesn’t have to slow down or come to a halt, thus saving you money again. 

Not to mention, we offer immediate 24/7 emergency response to your needs. Our contingency plans include a site evaluation at no extra cost. The goal is to assess your needs and evaluate critical portions of your facility to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions.

Our portable diesel generators can be used for temporary installations as well as for emergency standby power. This gives your business a recovery plan you can count on to remain functional no matter what. From large-scale power outages to personalized power issues, our trained technicians arrive quickly on the scene to diagnose the issue and provide customized solutions.

When all south Florida losses power, you can imagine how busy we get. That’s why we highly recommend signing up for our emergency contingency plan, thus ensuring your business is covered no matter how wide-scale the power outage may be. Contact us today to learn more, ask questions, and reserve your generator!