Equipment Checklist – 5 Supplies to Have on Hand for Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are a part of nature and people experience them in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, a natural disaster like this can uproot lives and cause major damage to structures. The effects of a hurricane can be devastating not just to the livelihoods of people but for the environment itself too. 

Be it homes, public infrastructures, businesses, crops, and other living things, nothing remains safe in the path of a hurricane. By preparing in advance for an event like this, you can reduce the risks of damage it can cause to you and your home. To help you prepare for hurricane season, here is a list of necessary equipment you must have in your house. 

Emergency Food and Water Supply

Hurricanes can destroy crops and disrupt the supply of food. Stocking up on dry foods can help you survive this disaster. Make sure to separate your emergency food from the food you consume on a regular basis. Store food that can last for a long time, such as canned fruits, meat, and dry fruits. 

Avoid food that can spoil in just a few days such as vegetables and fruits. If someone in your family needs special care, like elderly individuals or pets, don’t forget to factor in their needs too. Be sure the emergency food you will prepare can last for at least 3-4 days in case of an emergency. 

First Aid Kit and Medicine Supplies

Emergency medicine supply and first aid kits can save lives in such circumstances. Having these around can help you provide urgent medical care to the injured. Your first aid kit should contain bandages, sterile gauze pads, sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, scissors, and cold packs. A medicine kit should include non-prescription drugs too if someone in your family depends on them. If you or a family member has any medical conditions, be sure to check what medicine they require and add them to the first aid kit too. 

Portable Generator

A power outage is likely to happen during or after a natural disaster and that is where a portable generator can come in handy. Losing electricity and lights can make it hard for you to have a clear vision of what’s happening inside or outside your house, especially at night. These power outages can sometimes last for days and even weeks, so having a portable generator in your house can be of great help.

Emergency Tools

Aside from food, medicine, and power storage, you should also prepare tools that can come in handy during a hurricane. Tools like battery-powered radio, flashlight, can openers, signal flares, and whistle, are a must if you live in a hurricane prone area. You should also have some extra batteries for your flashlight and radio and a power bank for your phone, just in case. Though it’s optional, you can also include paper plates, plastic utensils, tape, pliers, and a compass in your emergency tool kit. Put them in an emergency box that can easily be carried or stored in a car. 

Important Documents and Possessions

Documents such as birth certificates, wills, contracts, passports, family records, bank documents etc. should be kept in a waterproof case. That way, you can easily find and carry your important documents in the event of a natural disaster. Your important possessions should also be placed in a bag or container that is easy to carry. Avoid putting less urgent items in your possessions box so it is easier to carry. 

If there is a hurricane, be sure to be updated on the current status of the storm. Check the news and follow the instructions of the authorities when it’s time to evacuate. Have emergency numbers ready in case of trouble. If you need assistance in preparing for this hurricane season, Cooling Power Corp can help you with portable generators, spot coolers, cooling equipment, and more. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about preparing for the hurricane season.