Five Ways To Prepare Your Office For A Power Outage

As hurricanes prevail and high winds hit the shores, businesses in Florida can’t help but worry about the consequences of resulting power cuts. Employees stranded without power cannot perform their duties, resulting in a loss of revenue and customers. It is one thing to deal with the frustration of a power outage at home, but what are the best measures to take when the lights at your place of work go out? 

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your business does not suffer in the event of a power outage. From investing in a backup generator to creating a full-fledged plan to help your business recover from a power outage, we have compiled some ideas that can help in the long run. 

Create a Cloud Backup

If your business relies on digital tools for communication, management, and accounting, consider creating a backup of your data on another server. Doing so will ensure that your data will not get lost or corrupted if there is a power outage. Several cloud solutions on the market can help protect your data. If you are not sure where to begin, consider contacting a professional data assistant to explore your options. 

Devise A Power Outage Plan

Whether it is a small or large business, it is imperative to have a power outage plan in place. You can train your employees on steps they should take in the event of a power outage. Make sure to have designated people in your business take care of necessary steps like turning off and unplugging sensitive equipment. A power outage plan should also specify instructions on how to exit the premises safely and the location of emergency supplies.

Use Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are the best aid for every business trying to prepare for power outages. If your business relies on sensitive equipment, installing surge protectors in your electrical network is a no-brainer. Sudden changes in electrical voltages can damage electrical devices if they are not protected. In some cases, these surges can even corrupt the data on your computers. Surge protectors will protect your electronic equipment and, when paired with cloud backup, will safeguard your data. 

Keep Your Employees and Clients in the Loop

If you are dealing with inclement weather, it is best to keep your employees and clients updated at all times. Send a memo informing everyone what to expect from the business if the power fails. You can also add safety training modules, updates on recent orders, and any other pressing information in the message. Communication is imperative, especially when dealing with the detriments of a power outage. 

Invest in Standby Generators 

Commercial standby generators ensure that your power is on and your business is open during a power outage. Unlike portable generators, they operate on a larger scale and are installed outside your business. They will automatically restore power within seconds to ensure components like HVAC, data rooms, security systems, refrigerators, and other electronic equipment do not shut down. If you are a business in Florida, investing in a standby generator is a sound choice for you. If you are not ready to invest in a new generator, consider renting one with Cooling Power Corp. 

At Cooling Power Corp, we work tirelessly to ensure businesses in Miami Lakes, Florida, do not face the detriments of hurricanes and storms. We offer rental equipment for emergency cooling, power backup, clean air solutions, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can prepare your business for a power outage.