Have an Event Coming Up? Here’s What You Need To Know About Renting Portable A/C

Have an Event Coming Up? Here’s What You Need To Know About Renting Portable A/C

As venues open back up following the coronavirus pandemic and events planning begins anew, everyone is looking forward to gathering again with family, friends and co-workers. For events in South Florida and the Greater Miami area, portable air conditioners are a must for outdoor events and other venues that aren’t equipped with central air conditioning. From weddings to sporting events, corporate gatherings to birthday bashes, hosted in tents, by the pool, on the beach, or in rustic farm location, portable air conditioning units keep guests comfortable and having fun at your event. Plus, the addition of portable A/C also works to keep the food safe, the beverages cool, and the entertainment entertaining. Cooling Power Corp knows the value of portable air conditioning for your next event and offers these tips for renting the perfect AC.

Tips for Renting the Perfect Portable AC for Your Next Event

  • Avoid the Monster – The Outdated, Huge, Loud Eye Sore. While you want your event to be cool and comfortable for your guests, you don’t want an AC unit that is ugly, outdated, loud, and diminishes your events beautiful event’s décor. Always ask to see and hear the unit(s) you are planning to rent before the event to make sure it can be placed out of view of your guests and out of mind during your event. Obviously, you don’t want a dirty AC unit rolled in on the day of your event, so make sure you know what you are renting and discuss an out of site, appealing location which won’t distract your guests from enjoying the event. In addition, you’ll want a unique that operates quietly, and is not so loud that it detracts from your celebration or event, making it difficult to hear speakers or entertainers, and making conversation nearly impossible.
  • Consider the Cost. Depending on where you look for portable AC rentals, you’ll soon find that pricing varies greatly. Always get a price quote for the air conditioning needed for your venue, so you aren’t surprised the day of the event with unexpected costs and unexplained overages for the equipment you rented. In addition to price considerations, you’ll want to compare “apples to apples” to ensure price, capability, appearance, and noise levels all meet the needed criteria for your event. Even if you have to pay more to get the best portable AC for your event, it doesn’t mean you have to pay an exorbitant amount or the highest price in the area. Always price check and compare to ensure you get the best unit for your event at an affordable price point.
  • Rent for Comfort and Effectiveness. The portable air conditioning units you choose, should keep your venue cool and comfortable, working effectively throughout your event. Research the rental company as well as the unit, and ask testing and services of their units as well as guarantees. For example, what happens if your rental breaks down during your event, will they bring a back-up unit just in case? Always schedule the arrival of the AC unit well before the event begins and test its efficacy before your guests arrive.
  • Locate the Hook-up Before Renting. When planning your portable AC rental, ask how it hooks up, where it can be hooked up at your venue, and if the company will start the unit onsite for you. In the best case scenario, the rental company will help you plan the placement of the unit for your event, hook it up, and get it started for you. From there you should be able to make temperature adjustments as needed during your special event.

Call on the Cooling Power Experts for Your Event

At Cooling Power Corp you will find a wide range of portable AC units for your next event as well as the experts who promise to see that your guests are kept cool and comfortable, enjoying your event. Call today for a free quote.