Having a Party? You Need A/C for Your Tent

Having a Party? You Need A/C for Your Tent

When you are having an outdoor party, wedding, or events, tents often come into play as part of the planning. And here in South Florida, with year-round warm weather, along with the tents come the need for air conditioning. There are a number of reasons why tents and air-conditioning are a great idea for your outdoor event. Let’s explore the reasons you might want to consider air-conditioning for your tented special event as well the basics of event cooling.

Why You Need Air-Conditioning for Your Tent

The weather can be hard to predict when planning an event and is one of the most common reasons behind securing a tent and air-conditioning for your event. You never know when a 90 plus degree day or 100 percent humidity will strike. Even on milder days, inside the tent filled with your guests the greenhouse effect can result in quickly rising heat inside your tent. With that in mind, you also need to think about food, flowers, and plants, as well as the people who will be inside. Food can quickly spoil without the proper cooling and potentially make your guests ill. Plus, floral décor doesn’t do well above 72°F which you will likely have at any event here in South Florida. To plan and execute the perfect outdoor event, you’ll want to add air-conditioning to the list to ensure proper climate control for your guests, food, and décor who have come to enjoy your event.

Air-Conditioning Basics for Your Event and Your Tent

At Cooling Power Corp., the expert team can help you determine the air-conditioning system which will work best for your event. Keep in mind that the antiquated noisy tent air conditioning of old is no more. Today’s air-conditioning units are portable and offer covers to match your décor. Plus, depending on the size of your event, multiple units can be used to ensure everyone stays cool and comfortable. Choosing the proper portable air conditioning units will keep your tent and your party properly climate controlled and enjoyable.

The size of your party and your tent, as well as the number of attendees will help determine your cooling needs. Portable cooling comes in a variety of options from portable air conditioning units used to cool large outdoor events to spot coolers for smaller more intimate events. Often multiple units are used to ensure backups are on hand if the unlikely event they are needed.

Generally, one ton of cooling power is required for every 100 to 150 square feet within a tent. But there are other factors to consider, like the thickness of the tent walls, the level of filtration needed, the timing of your event, as well as considerations for lighting and other equipment in use. In most instances, it is better to plan for a bit more cooling capacity than to opt for too little.

Cooling equipment is often placed outside the tent, with air-conditioned air blowing up or down into the space, but each event is different with tent size, weather conditions, and more effecting the cooling of the event. Of course, power supply to your event is a factor as well in whether you will be accessing power from a nearby building or if a generator will be needed to ensure adequate power and cooling.

Cooling Power Corp has the Air Conditioning You Need for Your Party or Event

Portable air-conditioning and spot coolers from Cooling Power Corp. can cool down your tent, keep it at the optimal temperature, and allow everyone to enjoy the fun. Call today and make the cooling preparations for your party with Cool Power Corp.!