How Can Your Business Save Money With Portable Equipment?

With the summer heat ramping up in full force, it is important to keep your business space properly cooled to provide a comfortable working environment for you and your workers. Many businesses rely on their central air conditioning to cool their facilities, and depending on the size of your office or facility, the costs can quickly rise beyond expectations. 

The good news is central cooling is not the only means of keeping your business space cool. There are other means that are both more affordable and energy efficient. Portable equipment such as spot coolers can help you provide a comfortable working environment without breaking the bank. Here are some ways they can help you save!

What Are Spot Coolers?

Unlike central air conditioning that delivers cooled air through your facility’s network of ducts and vents, spot coolers are a temporary cooling solution you can place in whichever room or area you want to cool. They are a self-contained system: housing the compressor, condenser, evaporator coils, and fan systems within a single insulated cover made from plastic or metal. For many types of businesses, they can be handy as extra cooling during extreme heat or to act as a backup cooling system in case your central system fails or is undergoing maintenance.

No Installation Costs 

Installing a central cooling system is expensive, no matter what kind of business you run. Furthermore, in larger warehouses or office buildings, keeping a constant temperature across the entire facility can quickly become extremely expensive. This is when spot coolers can help you save. As a temporary system, there are no installation costs associated with getting them up and running, and they can be moved around at will. They are ideal as primary or backup cooling systems for industrial warehouses, data centers, and retail outlets but are not limited to those types of business or facilities. Additionally, if you work outside, spot coolers can be used to provide some relief from the heat, making them perfect for construction sites.

More Energy Efficient 

In addition to installation costs, central cooling works by keeping a constant temperature across the entire working space. Depending on the size of your business, especially if you operate a large warehouse or office building, the cost of keeping it running throughout the summer can quickly rise. By contrast, spot coolers are portable units that can be in whichever rooms and areas are most in need of cooling. Their portability means you can also move them around to suit your requirements and can place them wherever you need them. By concentrating your cooling systems in the areas the most frequently used instead of cooling the entire facility as a whole, you can be more energy efficient, leading to lower expenses over the summer.  

Go Rental 

Another way spot coolers can save you money, depending on your needs, is by renting them out rather than buying them outright. If you only need to bolster your cooling measures temporarily, renting them out for only the period you need them can be a great way to save on overhead costs, forgoing any expenses that would have been incurred by improving or expanding your central cooling.

Cooling Power Corp has been providing its industrial equipment rental services since 2008, specializing in delivering spot coolers and other portable equipment to businesses across Florida. With a large fleet of air coolers and other portable equipment in a variety of sizes, they are sure to meet whatever your needs are. Contact us today for a rental quote and begin cooling your business more cost-efficiently.