How Do Power Transformers Work?

How Do Power Transformers Work?

Power transformers are a common piece of equipment used at large public events and manufacturing plants across the world. They are used to convert voltages of alternating currents.

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What is a Power Transformer & How Does it Work?

In short, a power transformer is a device that is used to convert the voltages of alternating currents. This is done in order to allow the efficient and safe use of electronic devices. Below, we will help you understand how it works in more detail.

Electrical Devices Need a Certain Voltage

From phone chargers and laptops to more hefty gear such as kitchen appliances, electrical devices all thrive on different levels of voltage. Otherwise, the device can malfunction or even break. Therefore, companies order power transformers for events that need different voltages for certain devices.

A Power Transformer Helps You Use the Proper Voltage

When you use a power transformer, the main idea is that you are always receiving the right level of voltage for your devices. Due to a power transformer’s ability to move power from one circuit to another without actually adjusting the frequency, you can ensure that each of your devices receives the right level of power.

How a Power Transformer Works in Simple Terms

A power transformer operates behind something known as the magnetic induction principle. Essentially this is when a voltage is introduced to the main coil causing the iron core to become magnetized. The voltage then outputs over to another coil which changes the voltage.

Times to Consider Using a Power Transformer

Now that we have looked at what a power transformer is and how power transformer works, let’s go ahead and switch up our gears a little bit. Below, we will cover some of the most common times that you should consider using a power transformer.

For Large Commercial Buildings

If you own a large office building or commercial building such as a hotel, you will naturally have a lot of different electronic devices that need to be powered. In many instances, these sorts of properties need to have a power transformer on site.

For Corporate Events

A large corporate event with games, food, and fun activities will often require the use of electronic devices that need a certain level of power voltage. This is a common reason a business will rent power transformers.

Outdoor Events

Events that take place outdoors are another common application for power transformers, allowing you to adjust the voltage in your AC circuits and other equipment. Outdoor events often require the use of elaborate sound systems that need a specific level of power. This is where a quality power transformer will come into play.

Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

Industrial and manufacturing plants often have their own power transformer on location. This helps them reliably use their various devices, appliances and equipment in the safest and most efficient manner possible. Without a power transformer, industrial and manufacturing plants would be dangerous to be around.

Film, Music & TV Production

Some of the gear purchased for the creation of films, music, and TV shows might already come with a built-in power transformer of some sort. However, this isn’t always the case and in many instances power transformers are utilized by media production teams.

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