How Does a Business Recover Files After a Power Outage?

How Does a Business Recover Files After a Power Outage?

There are ways you can try and recover files after a power outage results in data loss. Although, the best thing to do is to be prepared for an outage with a backup generator. This is especially important if you operate a server room and/or handle sensitive data that will impact the reputation and bottom line of your business if it is lost.

A 2014 study reported that 20% of businesses who experienced data loss related to power outages lost between $50,000 and $5 million dollars.

A power outage is any loss of electrical power that causes computer systems to fail, which can turn into lost data. The outage may be short term or long term. 

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What to Do to Recover Files After a Power Outage

Data recovery call – that’s what you need when you lose files due to a power outage, as well as because of a system corruption, formatting, shift + delete operation, as well as most other causes.

The easiest solution to recovering lost files involves the following steps:

  1. Located your backup folder and click on it
  2. Select the files and folders and you need
  3. Drag them back to the location you need them

What if there is no backup? This is where things get trickier and you’ll need assistance from a Data Recovery Tool. In addition, you may need to hire a data recovery specialist, which could cost a lot of money. There’s always the chance that files cannot be recovered no matter what you try.

That’s why it’s best to be proactive and plan ahead, assuming a power outage will happen. Backing up all of your data on the cloud can help, although it might not recover the most recent data saved to a device prior to an outage.

In South Florida, hurricanes are a persistent threat at certain times of the year and when one strikes it’s very likely that the power will go out. As soon as hurricane warnings hit the news, every generator in town sells out. Not to mention, the cost of a generator goes through the roof due to limited supply and surplus demand.

Reserving a generator is the best way to ensure you have the proper backups in place when a power outage strikes. By reserving a generator with Cooling Power, we come out ahead of the predicted storm to set up your automatic generator. Then, as soon as the power goes out, your generator kicks into gear so you don’t miss a beat, or worse, risk losing data.

Causes of Data Loss

Power outages remain one of the leading causes of power outages, but they are not the only cause. That’s why data loss varies situationally, and some instances are more complex than others.

Data loss caused by power outages may vary based upon how long the power outage persists. In Florida, following a large storm or hurricane, power outages have extended weeks and even months in certain locations.

  • 25% of data loss is caused by a power outage
  • 39% are caused by hardware failure
  • 29% are caused by software malfunction
  • 8% are caused by human errors

Protect Your Business with Cooling Power

Without the proper precautions in place, a power outage is very likely to cause data loss. A variety of other issues may persist as a result of an outage as well. We can help by providing reliable backup generators. Contact us today to learn more.