How to Avoid Losing Sensitive Data in a Power Outage

If you’ve ever lost sensitive data during a power outage, you know how detrimental it can be to your bottom line, as well as the reputability of your business. A power outage can slow you down, or even bring business to a screeching halt. On top of that, it could potentially cause you to lose sensitive data that you are unable to retrieve if servers are not properly backed up.

In Florida, hurricanes and large-scale storms are no strangers. Therefore, the risk of a power outage is greater here than in other states that do not have the same severe weather.

The best way to prevent the loss of sensitive data is to invest in an emergency backup plan that includes the appropriate generator to take over your power needs when the local grid goes out.

How a Generator Protects Data in a Power Outage

An automatic generator can be set up ahead of a power outage to provide backup power when the local power grid goes out. An automatic switch can be installed so that the power automatically switches to the generator the moment power is lost. Without an auto switch, someone must be on site to physically turn on the backup generator because it will not automatically transfer over.

You don’t want to overload the generator or else it may short out on you, which could cause a loss of data or damage to connected equipment. The goal is to get a generator that provides more than the amount of power you need.

There may be certain aspects of your business that you can shut down during a power outage. Therefore, you’ll only need the generator to fuel the most important necessities. Or, you could choose to install larger or additional generators to fuel every aspect of your business.

Generators must be set up outside with the proper protective housing and the right type of fuel. We recommend stocking up on fuel ahead of a natural disaster so that you are ready to keep your generator running for a week or more. Keep in mind, with recent hurricanes, some people went without power for a month or more.

Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the power outage happens to get backed up. As soon as the first alert for an upcoming hurricane hits the news, every generator in town is swooped up within minutes. You could easily end up without a generator if you don’t have one pre-reserved. Not to mention, the cost of renting a generator goes through the roof due to an increase in demand.

At Cooling Power, we offer the option to reserve a generator ahead of hurricane season so that you have a generator with your name on it, ready for installation, before the hurricane ever moves near landfall. As a result, all of your equipment is backed up and the generator will automatically take over when local power goes out. That means you don’t miss a beat, and all of your data remains safe and backed up.

Emergency Planning with Cooling Power

We are here to help you avoid serious repercussions from a power outage or natural disaster with our Emergency Contingency Plans. It’s not just generators, we offer everything from cooling to power to clean air. Plus, we offer on-site evaluations to determine what you need to keep your facility up and running in an outage. In addition, we offer emergency response 24 hours a day.

By partnering with us for your emergency contingency plan, you can stay one step ahead of the game.  Learn more