How To Avoid Power Outages During Florida’s Hurricane Season

“It is crucial that every Floridian has a plan in place to ensure their families, homes and businesses are fully prepared.” –Governor Scott

As Hermine gains strength over the Gulf of Mexico, hurricane warnings remain in effect for a number of counties. Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in 51 of Florida’s counties. 

As worrisome as hurricanes may be, Florida residents are no strangers to tropical storms and hurricanes. We know how to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But are you truly prepared for whatever the weather blows your way? Do you have a plan in place if your power goes out? At Cooling Power we are fully prepared to keep the power on in Miami Lakes and surrounding communities, no matter what this hurricane season has in store for us.

When Is Florida’s Hurricane Season?

Florida’s hurricane season generally runs from June 1 to November 30, peaking in early August on through the end of October. As Hurricane Hermine makes landfall, not only are we in hurricane season, but also we are in the peak of it. As this time of year often forecasts, we have a number of storms heading our way.

How To Protect Yourself From Storm-Related Power Outages

No matter how skilled meteorologists are at predicting when a hurricane or tropical storm will hit and how hard, there are always unpredictable factors. For instance, you never know if you will lose power to your home or business. A bad storm can easily result in lost revenue for a company, especially if the power goes out. Vital un-backed data is often lost in a power outage, leading to further losses.

Let’s say you have a wedding or other large-scale event planned and there’s no way to cancel, back out or reschedule. You can’t throw a successful event of any kind without power, so you need to be prepared. No matter if your event is scheduled to last one hour or 8+ hours we are here to help you battle through the storm with the lights on.

You can protect your business, family or event against power outages with proper backup generators. No matter what the weather blows your way, you’re not going to lose power if you have the right backups in place.

But let’s say you don’t plan ahead and pre-order a generator and you lose power during the storm… now what? There’s a reason we have people waiting by the phones 24/7. You can call us any time day or night for speedy delivery of the generator or other equipment you need to get your home, business or event back up and running. Regardless how much or how little power you consume we have top-notch cost effective equipment for the task.

Preparing For Increasing Storms In Florida

Storms continue to gain strength, with each major storm somehow more powerful than the last. According to spokesman Dennis Feltgen of the National Hurricane Center, the 2016 hurricane season is no different. Feltgen said, “We cannot recall a case where three tropical cyclones were directly impacting the U.S. at the same time.”

The three storms include a major hurricane heading towards Hawaii and two tropical depressions storming towards the East and Gulf Coasts. The greatest concern to Florida is Tropical Depression 9, which is expected to make landfall on the west coast of Florida on Thursday.  This same system is predicted to emerge back into the Atlantic off the coast of Florida by Friday, potentially presenting another threat to the East Coast on through Labor Day weekend.

Large areas of Florida are already seeing around a foot of surge from the storm, and a hurricane warning has been put into place for Tallahassee and surrounding areas.

Even after these current storms die down, we are not out of the clear. After all, Floridians are never really out of the clear in regards to storms. A fact to living in Florida is dealing with hurricanes and other massive storms. Plus, the peak of hurricane season is not over until October.

No matter if you have a big event coming up, own a small or large business or just want to keep the lights on in your home, Cooling Power is here to help you get through the storm. You can count on us to keep the power on, no matter what!