Is it More Cost Effective to Rent or Purchase Spot Coolers?

Does Your Business Need a Bigger Spot Cooler?

Are you debating between renting or purchasing a spot cooler? In some cases, it is more cost effective to rent a spot cooler, while in other instances it makes more financial sense to purchase a unit.

At Cooling Power, we offer the option to rent or buy spot coolers and we are more than happy to help you determine which is the right economical option for your business.

Below, we are going to detail signs it may be more cost effective to rent a spot cooler, followed by signs it may be more cost effective to buy a spot cooler.

Signs it is More Cost Effective to Rent a Spot Cooler

#1. You only need the spot cooler for a short period of time

Oftentimes, businesses require spot coolers for a special event, during construction, or one season of the year. If this is the case, it may make more sense to rent a spot cooler. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the hassle of storing and maintaining a device you only need periodically. Not to mention, upgrades and newer units may become available in between uses. By renting a device, you can always have the most up to date and well-serviced unit without any added effort on your behalf.

#2. You only need the spot cooler seasonally

Similarly to the reason outlined above, seasonal spot cooler usage is a common reason to rent. In Florida, the winters tend to be mild while the summers get very hot and humid, prompting a greater need for spot coolers in summer. If you only need a spot cooler during the hottest months of the year, it may make more sense to rent instead of buy.

#3. Your cooling needs may change in the near future

Are you planning to expand? Will you be adding a server room, or adding more servers to an existing server room? If there are changes in the works for your business, it might be more economical to rent a spot cooler so that you can easily upgrade devices as needed when changes arise. Otherwise, you may need to buy additional equipment or upgrade existing equipment in the near future. If there is any uncertainty about what you need, consider renting until plans are more certain.

#4. You are getting a spot cooler for an emergency situation

A backup spot cooler can be a life saver in an emergency. Yet, storing and maintaining the device is a lot of work and might not be necessary. You can rent spot coolers for emergency usage through our emergency contingency plans, which also includes the option to reserve generators in case of an emergency, such as a storm.

When is it More Cost Effective to Buy a Spot Cooler?

#1. You plan to use the unit for 4-5+ months

If you plan to use your spot cooler for a large portion of the year, it may make more sense to buy a unit instead of paying to rent it monthly. For instance, if you are cooling a server room the majority of the year, it will be more cost effective to buy a unit.

#2. You don’t plan on making any changes or expansions in the coming years

If your business will remain the same for the next few years and you don’t plan on needing a larger spot cooler, it may make more sense to buy a unit.

Rent & Buy Spot Coolers from Cooling Power

We offer a variety of spot coolers, ranging from 115 voltage/ 1 pH/60 Hz to 480 voltage/ 3 pH/60 Hz. In other words, we can cover all your business needs. Contact us today to learn more and to get a quote.