Keeping Cool at Your Wedding and Reception

Keeping Cool at Your Wedding and Reception

Outdoor weddings are popular in Florida, particularly in the greater Miami area where romantic and beautiful venues abound. Whether you choose a casual beach setting, poolside venue, yacht club, lush garden, shipboard, or even a family member’s backyard, outdoor weddings can make your wedding dream come true, though they are not without unique challenges. South Florida can be hot and humid year-round making climate control for your wedding of particular concern. But never fear, there are lots of ways to cool down the members of your wedding party and your guests and keep them enjoying your beautiful outdoor wedding. As a bonus, these great ideas will not only keep guests cool, but also keep your flowers looking great and your wedding cake, drinks, and other foods tasting delightful. 

Keeping You and Your Miami Wedding Cool and Beautiful

When the heat is on, and in South Florida it usually is, you can still have your dream outdoor wedding and keep your cool. Here’s how:

  • Portable Air Conditioning – Often outdoor weddings use tents or other structures to shade their guests before, during, and after the ceremony and portable air conditioning is the perfect way to keep everyone cool and comfortable. Regardless of the size of your wedding or your tent, you can rent portable air conditioners to cool down your space, keeping it at the ideal temperature, but still allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty of the outdoor venue. Small spot coolers can be plugged into normal outlets, while larger air conditioning units may require a generator to power them. The professionals at Cooling Power can help you determine the best portable cooling options for your wedding and your venue from air conditioners to spot coolers to generators.
  • Air Movers – If your budget won’t permit the rental of air conditioners, consider air movers or fans. Fans can help when your venue isn’t fully enclosed by moving hot, humid, stagnant air our and circulating cooler air inside.
  • Outdoor Cooling Stations – If your venue is not enclosed and air conditioners are outside the range of your budget, outdoor cooling stations might be the solution you need. Cooling stations are made up of misting fans (fans with an attached water reservoir) and air movers where your guests can socialize, cool off, and enjoy your wedding. 
  • Cold Drinks and Treats – Keep your dream wedding cake and your luscious menu but consider adding cold drinks and treats for your guests to enjoy. Your new, improved wedding menu could include ice cream treats, ice cold beverages on tap, and maybe even a frozen margarita option at the bar.

The Benefits of Portable Air Conditioning at Your Wedding 

Your wedding dream doesn’t likely include sweating your way through the ceremony in a picturesque but hot and humid venue. Instead, renting portable air conditioning or spot coolers for your wedding tent could be the answer, while providing a number of benefits.

  • You, your wedding party, and your guest will be more comfortable while celebrating your big day!
  • Everyone will enjoy the event, having a good time at the ceremony and dancing at the reception after. Plus, air conditioning will also be beneficial to older guests, like grandma and grandpa, and those with health conditions which make heat and humidity hard to handle.
  • Your wedding cake will remain intact, beautiful, and tasty as will all the food being served.
  • Your flowers, which your so carefully chose to complement your dress and your venue, will look beautiful throughout, not wilting from the heat.
  • Your staff – from wedding planner to caterer, servers to bartenders, DJ to band members – will remain fresh and happy throughout your event.

Cooling Power is here to help you enjoy your dream wedding by offering a variety of cooling equipment rentals to keep you cool at your wedding and reception.