Keeping Indoor Air Quality Safe

Oftentimes, never-ending traffics, power stations, industries, and planes are what come to mind when you picture air pollution. While some of this filth can get indoors, you’ll be surprised by air pollution coming from within your house. From your gas stove to furniture and debris in the air, there could be more air filth indoors than outdoors. 

And it could be worse depending on your everyday lifestyle and whether you have pets. And in some cases, the air quality could be poor due to dander, growth of mold, and dust everywhere. To help you in keeping indoor air quality safe, consider these tips: 

  •     Get indoor plants

Getting indoor plants is perhaps the noblest way of containing indoor pollution. As we all know, plants are effective when it comes to getting rid of toxins from the air. In fact, they are natural filters for nature or our environment at large. Besides cleansing air, plants also have aesthetic elements. 

  •     Contain humidity at a minimum level

When your home has a concentration of humidity, mildew and moss are bound to grow. And these are the primary cause of indoor pollution. With their spores dominating your space, occupants may begin experiencing respiratory illnesses. 

What’s more, mildew and mold can also provoke asthma and allergies. And since South Florida happens to be the warmest region in the country, high humidity indoors is a common problem. To cleanse your air, consider installing dehumidifiers. 

  •     Rent Negative Air Machine

This machine is reliable in improving indoor air quality. It works by filtering out all air-born pathogens and debris that could evoke respiratory illnesses among other diseases. But that’s not all; it’s also a reliable machine during or after construction projects. With toxins, fumes, dust, and debris lingering, it will filter them making air quality safe. 

When it comes to application, negative air machines or air scrubbers are handy at homes and commercial spaces. Yes, you can rent out or buy this piece of machine for your office, health care facility, or even company. 

  •     Air vents inspection

Air vents are resourceful in maintaining the balance between indoor and outdoor air temperature. Through this system, you are enjoying a cool and comfortable indoor environment. However, when the duct is clogged or malfunctions, the inside can get pretty messy.

For starters, air contaminants like dander, mold, and dust can accumulate in these channels. As a result, the vents end up being a primary source of indoor pollution instead of a solution. Therefore, inspect them occasionally to ensure they are free and working efficiently.

  •     Install Kitchen Exhaust fan

The kitchen is among the major sources of air pollutants indoors. From toxic gas leaks to smokes from burning food, and growing molds, there’s lots of pollution from the kitchen. And one way you can begin to reduce this pollution is by installing kitchen exhaust fans. They’ll help channel the toxic air outdoors. 

  •     Change filters in your AC

Air filters in your AC are also handy in cleansing indoor air and making air quality safe. However, when they’re dirty, their effectiveness reduces. 

Final Take 

Maintaining your home, vents, and filters clean is one way to improve indoor air quality. However, there are times when sourcing external help can fasten up things and make your environment healthy. In this case, we’re talking about renting a negative air machine. They’re effective in improving indoor air quality maximally. 

Whether you need it for your home or commercial space, they’ll improve air quality in your space. As a result, you’ll be having healthy occupants safe from respiratory illnesses. With that said, reach out to Cooling Power Corp for the best deal on renting negative air machines.