How Loud Are Spot Coolers?

Water Cooled Vs. Air Cooled Spot Coolers

Not all spot coolers provide the same comfort or noise control, but there are spot coolers on the market that offer very low sound ratings and are intended for office use. For instance, our portable spot coolers have a sound level of 55 dB(A), that’s silent enough to sit in an office without distracting anyone.

The last thing you want is to install a spot cooler that’s so loud it distracts everyone and elicits complaints. Rest assured, our top-notch spot coolers are engineered to be quiet. While you can hear them, the noise is so slight it tends to fade away into the background. Like we said, our spot coolers only produce a sound level of 55 dBA.

What is dB(A)?

You might be wondering—what does “55 dB(A) even mean? A-weighted decibels, dB(A) for abbreviation, is a way to express the relative loudness of a sound moving through the air and then processed by the human ear.

The human ear is less sensitive to low audio frequencies than high audio frequencies, this is especially true concerning sounds below 1000 Hz. As a result, sounds are perceived differently depending if they are weighted or unweighted decibels. The decibel value of low frequency sounds in the A-weighted system are reduced when they enter the human ear, while unweighted decibels encounter no correction for audio frequency upon entering the human ear. 

dBa is a common term used to define the sound of computer fans. Just think about how quiet your computer fan is considering how much work it does to cool down your device and prevent it from overheating. A spot cooler is similar but on a much larger scale—it’s not tasked with cooling down your computer, it’s chilling an entire room. Naturally, a spot cooler is going to make more noise than a quiet little computer fan, but surprisingly, it’s not that much more noise.

A normal sound level for a computer fan is around 25 dBA. What does that mean? Well, that’s comparable to someone whispering in a quiet room. Our spot coolers are rated at a sound level of 55 dBA, or rather the equivalent of two people simultaneously whispering in a quiet room.

Spot Coolers Are Quiet

Loud noises are incredibly distracting, and spot coolers are often positioned at the heart of an office. Employees need to make phone calls, focus on number reports, and stay at attention during important meetings. Luckily, spot coolers are quiet enough to cool down a space without interfering with any of these things.

What if Someone is Super Sensitive to Noise?

If someone in your office is sensitive to noise, have them sit on the opposite side of the room from the spot cooler and they shouldn’t hear much of anything. You could always drown out the noise with radio or music, but that’s going to be far louder and potentially more distracting than the low hum emitted from a spot cooler.

Rent or Buy Spot Coolers

We offer the choice to rent or buy spot coolers. Many Florida businesses choose to rent spot coolers in the hot summer months, and then return units when temperatures cool off. This allows them to always have the latest working spot coolers without putting up the large investment to buy them. Plus, by renting you avoid dealing with maintenance and upkeep throughout the year.

Spot coolers can provide the following benefits:

-Spot coolers effectively cool a space without producing a lot of noise. 

-Spot coolers are better for the environment than central AC systems.

-Spot coolers come with programmable thermostats so that you can easily adjust temperatures as needed.

-You do not have to consistently monitor spot coolers, they are surprisingly independent and programmable.

For the most part, renting spot coolers is a cheaper alternative to buying spot coolers. Unless, you plan to use your spot cooler throughout the entire year, in which case it might make more sense to buy. Give us a call, we are more than happy to discuss your options to find the best and most cost-effective solution. 

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