Make Your Business More Energy Efficient with Spot Coolers, Portable AC, and Generators

There are lots of ways to make your business more energy efficient from the simply, like sealing window gaps to the more complex, like  replacing over-the-hill air-conditioning and heating systems. Encouraging an atmosphere of conservation among your employees is also a great step in the direction of energy efficiency. Let’s explore all the ways you can reduce energy consumption in your commercial location and improve your bottom line, as well as decreasing the strain on the environment.

Making Your Business More Energy Efficient

Start with Your Team Members 

Creating a culture of conservation in your office among your team members is a great way to start. Encourage limited electricity usage with a competition to reduce overall energy use by a specific percentage. Once the team bands together to successfully accomplish the task – though a party or cater a luncheon for the entire team to celebrate. The bonus – you have created greater awareness for energy use, thus keeping costs down for the future!

Have An Energy Audit

By commissioning a professional to audit your electrical systems, as well as heating and cooling, you will see how well they are performing and know what areas can be improved to save energy. It may mean simple fixes, like cleaning or replacing filters, repairing leaky valves, or it could mean larger changes are needed like repairing, updating, or replacing your HVAC system.

Small Changes Can Bring Big Energy Savings

For commercial lighting and HVAC systems, one of the most effective savings solutions is installing automatic settings on both. Add daylight or motion sensors on lights in the office. Consider adding task lights to each workstation which can be utilized when fewer people are working in the office. You can also engage systems which turn computers and other office equipment to sleep mode when they are not in use for a certain period of time. Another simple and cost-effective solution is the addition of upgraded air conditioning thermostats. By bringing your thermostats into the 21st century, and adding modern, energy efficient dead band thermostats, you can reduce energy usage by up to five percent. Note: A dead band thermostat means you can set a temperature range, which means your system won’t be turning on and off constantly, thus saving you energy!

Make Repairs 

You’ve probably heard it before, but by sealing any gaps in your building – loose doors, leaky windows, as well as openings in floorboards, ceiling panels, and walls – you can save money by lowering your commercial energy consumption. Add weatherstripping to doors and window, ensuring cracks are sealed. Your energy audit can help, showing you all the spots air is escaping. Repairing leaking ductwork can save you a bundle, as leaky ductwork can mean up to 25 percent of leakage in your building.

Join Your Community’s Energy Efficient Programs

In many community’s energy efficient financing programs. These programs, often instituted by third-party companies, actually pay for the energy efficient upgrades your business needs via property taxes or “on bill” via your utility service.

Rent Spot Coolers, Generators, and Air Conditions that are Energy Efficient

Cooling Power Corp has state of the art energy efficient spot coolers, generators, portable air conditioning and more for rent to help you stay cool and comfortable and use minimal energy. These devices are perfect for cooling down areas which are prone to overheating, like server rooms or equipment rooms in your business. They can save you a bundle, cooling these areas more effectively than running your central AC to keep them cool enough for productive function. Call Cooling Power Corp today and learn more about how renting Spot Coolers, Portable AC, and Generators can make your business more energy efficient.