Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

For businesses large and small, energy costs often tend to be difficult to predict. Most energy costs for businesses are attributed to electricity, with billions spent annually. As a business owner, you can cut your electricity bills and make your commercial property more energy efficient without breaking the bank or busting the budget. From sealing gaps around doors to replacing ancient heating and cooling systems to retro-commission your property, there are lots of ways to make your business more energy efficient and reduce the strain on the global environment. Here, Cooling Power Corp offers some tips on reducing energy costs in your business.

Tips for a More Energy Efficient Business

  • Invest in an energy audit. An energy audit is often a free service provided by local utility companies which determines your company’s energy use and provides tips of how to save energy in your business. The energy auditor checks insulation, monitors air leaks, and explores opportunities for energy efficient changes you can make.
  • Create a conservation culture. Encourage your employees to be more energy efficient by creating a culture of conservation. Have a competition between departments to reduce usage or have the whole teamwork toward reducing energy consumption and offer rewards for successful efforts. Show your commitment to the cause by adding energy efficient lighting and purchasing ENERGYSTAR-rated office equipment. You’ll save money in the long run and more effectively manage your company’s energy costs. 
  • Retro-Commission Your Building. Retro-commissioning takes the energy audit a step further and evaluates the overall performance of existing systems – heating, air-conditioning, electrical, and more. Base on the inspection, you’ll then be provided with recommendations. These recommendations may be small such as replacing filters or repairing leaks or large like replacing entire systems to improve energy efficiency and performance well into the future. 
  • Repair doors, windows, and gaps. Loose doors, old windows and gaps in the floors, ceilings, and walls, can increase energy consumption in your space. Making the needed repairs such as upgrading doors and windows, adding weatherstripping, and sealing cracks and gaps will go long way in keeping inside temperatures regulated and reducing energy costs.
  • Upgrade heating and cooling systems. As mentioned, even without retro-commissioning, repairing, updating, or replacing outdated heating and cooling systems can improve energy efficiency in your building and pay for themselves quickly in energy savings. In addition to upgrading heating and air conditioning units, often a simple change to  the energy efficient dead band thermostat which allows for a temperature range to be maintained rather than a single temperature.
  • Add Automatic Controls. Adding automatic controls to lighting, heating, and air conditioning, and other items which continually use energy can help reduce energy consumption. Daylight or motion sensors can be added to lighting as well as task lighting for when only a few employees are in the office is a great start. Computers, copiers, printers, and more can be set to turn on sleep mode when not in use, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • Rent Energy Efficient Portable Air Conditioning and Generators. For spot cooling of server rooms and data centers, energy efficient portable air conditioning units reduce energy usage in your business. The goal is to keep employees and customers comfortable and equipment operating at maximum efficiency while using the least possible energy and saving money. Cooling Power Corp can help your business do just that!

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