How Much Can HEPA-Filtered Negative Air Machines Improve Air Quality?

How Much Can HEPA-Filtered Negative Air Machines Improve Air Quality?

Negative air machines can greatly improve indoor air quality, but only HEPA filters are acknowledged as effective by health professionals, the CDC, USEPA and other government and environmental protection agencies.  HEPA-filters capture invisible particles and spores that could otherwise make you sick. Hence why HEPA-filters are used in medical centers, Atomic research centers, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and even nuclear power plants.

Our negative air machines are reliable, easy to operate, and used in a wide variety of industries, from construction sites to healthcare facilities, and commercial buildings too. Not all negative air machines or air scrubbers provide the same level of clean. That’s why we rely on HEPA-filtered equipment for the best results possible.

So just how much cleaner is air purified by our high quality negative air machines? Our filters are equipped with pre-filters that remove large airborne debris, like drywall dust or concrete dust. Air then runs through a pleated particulate pre-filter. Additionally, we include a final stage HEPA-filter that stops itty-bitty and invisible particles in their tracks, including things like bacteria, mold and fungal spores. Our specially designed HEPA-filters offer 99.97% or higher capture efficiency for 0.3 micron particles.

If you are trying to remove odors along with air contaminants, we offer an optional stage 3 high-capacity carbon filter specially engineered to remove odors.

When HEPA Filtration is Required

As mentioned above, doctors, government agencies and environmental health agencies only recognize HEPA-filtered negative air machines as effective enough to combat contaminates and protect public health. That’s why HEPA-filters are required for projects involving mold abatement, renovation construction, and disaster restoration.

How Many Negative Air Machines Do You Need for Your Building?

CFM stands for Cubic Feet Per Minute, and is used to measure air flow. To identify the number of negative air machines a space or building requires you’ll need to calculate a few things:

-What is the square footage of the space? This is identified as L x W x H

For instance, a 1,500-square foot office with 10-foot ceilings has a total cubic foot measurement of 15,000 cubic feet.

-Divide total cubic feet by the CFM provided by the negative air machine.

For instance, 15,000 divided by a 2,000 CFM = 7.5 Neg-Air. Or rather, it’ll take 7.5 minutes for a 2,000 CFM negative air machine to filter out air completely and begin again.

What does that really mean? The industry standard is to filter out room air 6 times each hour. The example outlined above would be able to change out the air 8 times per hour, more than enough.

A negative air pressure environment helps combat the endless layers of dust, dirt, particles, mold and even odors present in workplaces and at construction sites. Science tells us that air moves from high pressure areas to low pressure areas. Therefore, negative air pressure is produced by creating inward airflow that is directed through leaks or openings in containment barriers. This keeps contaminants and airborne particles produced in one area from traveling to other parts of the building.

Changing Filters for Optimum Results

To get the most out of negative air machines, it’s important to change filters on a consistent basis. Here are the general guidelines for changing filters on machines that get heavy all-day use:

-Change the primary filter daily

-Change the secondary filter every 3 to 7 days

-Change the HEPA-filter after 800 hours of use

These are simply guidelines that vary based upon the nature of your building, size of contaminants, humidity levels and temperature, as well as how long it is in use each day. Rest assured, we provide you with the proper guidelines for getting the most out of your negative air machine and HEPA-filter.

Rent or Buy Negative Air Machines from Cooling Power

We offer the option to rent or buy top-quality negative air machines with HEPA-filters at competitive prices. Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of negative air machines. Give us a call today and we are more than happy to help you identify the best option for your business.  Start breathing cleaner air as soon as tomorrow!