Do You Need A Generator, Transformer, Or Distribution Panels?

Do You Need A Generator, Transformer, Or Distribution Panels

Unless you have a backup plan in place, when you lose power you instantly lose revenue. Generators, transformers and distribution panels can all help ensure your business never skips a beat no matter what happens. Sometimes power outages are planned and other times they are unexpected and unavoidable. No matter the reason or time of day, Cooling Power is always available 24/7 to get your power back up and running.

Generators For Power Outages

Generators are portable, powerful and the perfect solution to a planned or unplanned power outage. Our generators run on diesel fuel so you don’t need any energy outlets to use them. There’s no need to purchase a costly generator and deal with maintenance and ensuring it’s always fueled up and ready to go. Instead, we can provide immediate response and installation of generators at any time of the day or night. We have a variety of generators made to solve seasonal outages, temporary interruptions, or disaster relief.

Units range between 30 kW to 2,000 kW, all of which maximize power output while using as little fuel as possible. Units are easy and fast to install, taking little to no time to get your business back on track.

Who benefits from generators? Anyone that losses power will benefit from a generator. Your business and regular day-to-day affairs will not be disturbed by a power outage as long as you have a back up generator. If you know you will be experiencing a planned power outage you can order one ahead of time. If a power outage catches you off guard, we are on call 24/7 to deliver a generator right away.

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Transformers To Help Aid Power Distribution

Distribution transformers provide the final voltage transformation in the electrical power distribution system, reducing voltage in the lines to the level actually used by a particular customer. As a result, they provide a more energy efficient and cost effective solution.

We have a variety of high quality transformers that work in conjunction with other power equipment to aid overall power distribution. Our units range between 15 kVA and 2,500 kVA. The size transformer you require will vary based upon application and electrical schedule, plus 20% spare capacity to allow room for load growth.

Our dry-tape transformers actually save you money by providing unmatched economical distribution of electricity. Transformers are commonly used in utility, commercial and industrial settings. Temporary power supply transformers are encased with a NEMA 3R outdoor enclosure in order to prevent damages from the elements. Plus, they are safe and easy to install.

Who benefits from transformers? If your business, building or event relies on a lot of energy from different types of equipment a transformer can be a valuable asset. 

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Distribution Panels Provide Multiple Power Outlets To A Variety Of Power Sources

Distribution panels provide multiple power outlets in order to hook up varying types of equipment. Different businesses have unique sets of needs. That’s why we keep a wide variety of distribution equipment on hand in order to consistently provide the highest performing power equipment. Electrical distribution equipment includes: transfer switches, switchboards, panel boards, load panels and circuit protection.

Distribution panels prevent the need to restart frozen equipment. Also, thanks to duel power inputs, if one input losses power the system’s backup power source will kick in. An alarm monitoring system can be built into the power distribution panel, which offers maximum control and visibility of remote telemetry units.

Who benefits from distribution panels? Businesses, large-scale building projects and anyone that relies on a lot of different electricity sources could benefit from a distribution panel.

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Which Will Serve Your Business Best?

You may need a generator, distribution panel, transformer or maybe even all three. We are here to help you decide what you need most.

Cooling Power saves you time and money associated with buying distribution panels, generators and transformers. We offer affordable rental solutions so that you have exactly what you need when you need it most. Plus, we provide all trouble-shooting, maintenance and installation so that no matter what device you rely on it’s guaranteed to work without any hassles on your end.