Portable AC Rentals for Holiday Office Parties

Portable AC Rentals for Holiday Office Parties

The holiday season is nearly here and that means office party planning is in full swing. While this year’s parties may look a bit different, portable air conditioning units, also known as spot coolers, can make your event a big success whether you are hosting a small intimate gathering or a larger outdoor event. Cooling Power Corp offers portable AC units in a wide variety of sizes and powers, so you can find the perfect match to keep your event cool and comfortable for your guests. Depending on the location of your holiday event, outside or indoors, historical site or modern venue, ensuring proper cooling and ventilation is key to a successful event that is enjoyed by all who attend. Let’s explore the benefits of renting a spot cooler for your event.

The Benefits of Portable AC for Your Holiday Party

Portable AC unites are affordable to rent for your holiday party and deliver a number of benefits. If you are in the middle of party planning, keep in mind that even with cooler temperatures in the evening, a gathering of people often causes temperatures to rise, creating a less than comfortable environment for your guests.

Spot coolers at your holiday office party means your guests stay comfortable and happy. The goal of a holiday party is to show your gratitude and appreciation to your valued employees and in some instances their families as well. Keeping the temperature in your event controlled and comfortable can deliver a lighthearted and happy event in which guests stay longer and enjoy themselves mingling with others. Comfortable party goers are confident party guests who enjoy the event and can even set the tone for the coming year in your business.

Holiday parties, while showing your appreciation for your employees, can also serve to make a positive impression on your colleagues and customers as well. Special guests, as well as plus ones, will boast about a successful, well-thought-out event, sharing with others a positive message about your reputable, caring company. Well-regulated temperatures brought to your event by portable AC can help set the mood and ensure positive vibes.

Just the FAQS About Portable AC Rentals

One of the most frequently asked questions about portable AC units is regarding noise. Many believe that spot coolers are loud and will detract from the event, but it’s simply not an accurate assumption. The latest portable AC units are super quiet reading only 55 db(A), making them perfect for parties, where they will likely go unnoticed.

Another common question is about the installation timeline for a portable AC unit. The fact is today’s spot coolers are quick and easy to install. Cooling Power Cop will set up the unit(s) you choose and show you how easy it is to make any needed changes to temperature during your event. The team can take down the unit just as quickly, immediately following your event to the following day, whichever you prefer.

Another frequent question is regarding the cost of renting portable AC units versus buying them. The important consideration here is how often you host parties. If you host a number of events annually, it might be prudent to purchase a portable AC Unit for your business. On the other hand, if your parties or events are less frequent, renting is the most cost effective, plus you won’t need to worry about maintenance or storage when your unit is not in use.

At Cooling Power Corp, you will find a wide selection of air-cooled portable spot coolers as well as water-cooled units in a variety of sizes, ready to keep your holiday party cool and comfortable for you and your guests. Call today for a free quote.