Portable AC Rentals For South Florida Office Parties

Portable AC Rentals For South Florida Office Parties

In order to keep your work party as cool as possible, we offer portable AC spot coolers for rent. Our portable AC units come in a wide variety of power sizes to accommodate all types of events, from intimate gatherings to larger parties.

A cool work party sets the stage for a great night and the development of a stellar reputation amongst your colleagues, employees and even competition. Yet, in order to keep your work party cool you’re going to need to rent a reliable spot cooler, especially if your party is held in a tent or other venue lacking central AC. In some cases, central AC alone is not enough to keep guests comfortable. In which case, the addition of a portable spot cooler can be very beneficial. 

Will My Guests Hear The Spot Cooler?

A common question we hear is if guests will be distracted by any sounds the spot cooler generates. Our spot coolers are some of the newest models available, and as a result they run at a sound level of just 55 db(A), in other words they are super quiet. They can even be used in everyday office settings, which means in a lively party atmosphere no one should notice any noise at all.

Is It Really Worth The Investment To Rent A Spot Cooler For A Work Party?

Spot coolers are fairly affordable to rent and provide ample benefits, making them well worth the small investment. Even if the party is at night and you think it’ll be cool enough, a large group of people crowded together quickly causes temperatures to rise. This creates a rather uncomfortable environment you want to avoid.

Benefits to renting a spot cooler for your work event include:

-Keep Your Guests Happy. The point of any work party is to show your hardworking employees how much you appreciate all that they do. Don’t make them sweat through the night. Instead, help keep the vibe happy and lighthearted by maintaining a comfortable temperature.

-Encourage Guests To Stay Longer. If your party is too hot, people are going to cut out early. No one wants to hang out in a nice evening outfit while covered in a layer of perspiration. Plus, when people are sweating their confidence is deterred and they might not be as outgoing and willing to mingle with others. Make your party one of for the books by keeping guests comfortable, happy and outgoing. 

-Set A Good Representation Of Your Business. Work parties are often open to plus ones and guests that do not work at your company. The goal is to put on a good show that makes your business appear reputable, lucrative and caring of the ways in which people feel. If your party reminds people of a sauna, it is counteractive to all of these goals. On the other hand, well-regulated temperatures keep things going in the right direction.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Portable AC Unit Before An Event?

Our units are incredibly simple and fast to install. After we set up the unit, it’s very easy for you to go and make changes to the temperature as needed throughout the event. Our portable units are just as easy to take down the following day or immediately after the event.

Renting Vs. Buying Spot Coolers For Work Events

If you host a lot of parties that require the use of a spot cooler, you might want to consider purchasing a device of your own. On the other hand, if you only hold occasional parties that require the use of a spot cooler, you might be better off renting a unit. That way you don’t have to worry about storing or maintaining it.

We offer both water-cooled and air-cooled portable spot coolers for rent and sale. Our wide range of units start at 1 ton and go all the way up to 10 tons, so no matter the size of your party we have the right unit to keep things cool. Plus, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means even if an issue arises at midnight, there is someone sitting by the phone waiting to help. You’re not going to find that level of service anywhere else! Contact us today for a free quote.