Portable Cooling – For More than Emergencies

Many people and businesses only consider portable cooling, like spot coolers and portable air conditioning units, when an emergency situation occurs. For example, when a buildings HVAC breaks down or during an unexpected power outage, the goal is to keep residential tenants or employees and critical applications going. The fact is portable cooling can be the solution to a variety of applications  from cooling server rooms to restaurants and retail stores, special events like weddings to on location photo shoots.

Using temporary, portable cooling equipment is the perfect fit for areas where permanent cooling isn’t required, or when businesses must shut down cooling systems for  maintenance procedures or remodeling and renovations. At Cooling Power Corp, you’ll find the portable cooling equipment to fit any cooling problem or project. Here are some tips for using portable cooling devices like spot coolers for your business, organization, or special event.

Using Portable Cooling for Planned Maintenance or Renovation

When business owners plan needed maintenance or remodeling and renovation for their commercial and office spaces, often tenants and employees are effected. In fact, in most cases, tenants can’t move out during the maintenance or renovation, nor can a company’s workforce stop working. During the planning for any maintenance and renovation which requires a shutdown of cooling systems to be completed, it is important for property and business owners to prepare for  tenants or employees to be kept cool and comfortable during the project.

Spot coolers and other portable cooling equipment can get the job done for tenants in housing complexes, as well as server rooms and offices in business spaces. Portable cooling systems can be brought in keeping all areas at the needed temperature during the planned shutdown, whether it is for maintenance or renovations. Spot coolers are often the idea solution as they are available in a wide variety of types, sizes, and powers. Plus, they can be simply placed, just prior to the shutdown, and tested for efficiency and effectiveness. Adjustments can be made to ensure the proper cooling levels are accomplished  during the maintenance or renovation.

In most cases, business owners or property management companies, along with the maintenance or building contractor work closely with Cooling Power Corp to ensure a successful project. Contractors are well aware of the requirements needed for portable cooling during a project and alongside the expert team at Cooling Power Corp, the cooling equipment is determined from among the wide range of offerings at Cooling Power Corp.

Using Portable Cooling for Long-Term, Temporary Applications

There are times when a business or organization finds themselves in a temporary though somewhat long-term situation. It can happen during a temporary relocation, for example when a lease is up on one location but the new location is not yet ready for occupancy, or when a business needs to get up and running but their commercial space build out is not complete. In these scenarios, portable cooling is the perfect solution since the space being cooled is not the permanent location.

Whether an old or new building, portable cooling can be staged to ensure the needed cooling in the workspace.  Plus, here in South Florida, where the weather conditions are nearly always hot and humid, portable cooling can keep employees and customers happy and productive while working in temporary locations for longer than expected periods of time.

Portable Cooling from Cooling Power Corp

Whatever your portable cooling needs, Cooling Power Corp has the solutions. From convenient and adaptable spots cooler which work in most environments to portable air conditioning units to keep everyone cool and comfortable. Portable cooling solutions are available from Cooling Power Corp year-round 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever your air conditioning is out. Call today and find the perfect portable cooling to meet your needs.