Portable Cooling is Great for Emergencies, But That’s Not All

Portable Cooling is Great for Emergencies, But That’s Not All

Portable cooling is often regarded as an emergency solution for businesses, but the truth is that it offers so much more than that. Portable cooling can be equally advantageous for long-term use and planned maintenance. Allow us to explain.

Planned maintenance occurs every so often and often involves turning off the central AC system. During this time, portable cooling can keep your business, condo complex, or whatever it may be, running as usual throughout maintenance. Additionally, portable cooling offers an excellent long term solution to certain cooling issues, such as maintaining optimal server room temperatures and humidity levels.

Portable Cooling for Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is critical to preserve the long-term effectiveness of cooling equipment. At some point, your chiller plant and cooling tower, among other components, are going to need maintenance. In some cases, maintenance can take several days, or even more than one week. How are you supposed to go without AC for this long? As a business, landlord, etc., you can rent portable spot coolers to maintain comfortable temperatures, especially in sensitive locations.

In many cases, the expert takes care of staging equipment for use prior to scheduled maintenance. If necessary, we can take care of it. The goal is always to make equipment as unobtrusive as possible, so that everything moves smoothly like normal. We believe equipment should function good and look good, even when it’s only temporary.

Portable Cooling for Long Term Use

From a server room to a brightly lit broadcast set, there are many situations in which portable cooling is applied as a long-term solution. A long-term solution could mean a few months, or one season each year.

It is common for businesses in Florida to rent portable spot coolers in the summer months to combat high temperatures in certain spaces more effectively. Renting portable cooling applications may offer a cost-effective solution. Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintaining equipment and storing it during off-season. 

Several common challenges to installing portable cooling units include:

  • Age of the building—older buildings often present challenges for where to stage equipment.
  • Where to duct the hot air, often this ends up being the stairwell or a mechanical room. The larger the unit the more heat it needs to get rid of, which can create several issues. We are always prepared to think on our toes to figure out a creative solution to accommodate hot air and condensation.
  • Noise may be a concern for certain businesses and applications. We will do whatever it takes to keep noise to a minimum.

Rest assured, Cooling Power has the knowledge, experience, and tools to get the job done right!

Portable Cooling for Emergencies

Of course, portable cooling is great for emergencies too. Say for instance the power goes out in the middle of a Miami heat wave and you need to keep your data server room at the right temperature. This is the perfect scenario for portable cooling options—we offer generators for rent too!

No matter why you require portable cooling, we have everything you could possibly need, including air-cooled and water-cooled portable AC systems for rent and purchase.  Contact us today to learn more or get a quote.