Preparing for a Winter Storm

As the rest of the country prepares for blizzard weather, winter in South Florida, Miami Area, is particularly unique. The weather is warm during the day and fairly cool at night. However, a storm lurks behind this charming weather. The hurricane can strike any moment and wreak havoc regardless of that day’s forecast. With that said, it pays to prepare early for safety. And here are the tips you need to know:

Home Protection

Home being your shelter during the storm, you need to reinforce it for protection. This includes the use of impact-resistant panels for windows or delicate exterior surfaces. Reinforce the garage door plus all the entry doors. If the storm wind makes it into your house, the chances of reaping off your roof are higher. Also, install shutters for windows and doors for extra protection.

Back-up Important Information on Your Computer

In case your home gets hit, all the vital information in your computer may get lost or damaged. Therefore, you should back up the information in the cloud or on a safe external hard drive. Also, documents like academic certificates, birth certificates, and property deeds may be washed away. Therefore, organize safe and waterproof storage. But most importantly, have these documents within reach. 

Fill Prescription

Never wait until it’s too late to start rushing around buying medications. Fill prescriptions that you may need for emergencies. Also, organize ways to preserve medications that need cold conditions. 

Have a Backup Plan to Charge Your Phone

Staying connected is crucial, especially in hurricane season. Since you can’t tell well it can hit your area severely, having your phone charged for emergency calls is important. If you have a working backup generator, well that’s good. But if you don’t, organize to have a charging source other than the national grid. 

Do Homework on Safety Measures During a Hurricane

This should be basic information at your fingertips because it might come in handy any day. Therefore, you should have in-depth knowledge about the storm, what to do when it occurs and after it occurs. Also, you need to know where to evacuate to in case it’s necessary. And most importantly learn about safe evacuation routes in case the storm is worse.

Have an Emergency Kit

Keep in mind; we are not talking about medical emergency kits alone. You also need to stock non-perishable foods somewhere safe. And ensure you store them in waterproof containers. Another thing is bottled water. Freshwater supply lines are often the first to be contaminated during a storm. And in the store, bottles of water run out fast during such moments. 

Get a Portable Generator

During storms, power outages are the norm. It can affect the neighborhood, street, town, or the whole region. And it’s these moments that a portable generator comes in handy.  It will ensure your household remains with power for as long as it can run. On the other hand, having no power is a disaster waiting to happen. 

It reduces the security of your house leaving you susceptible to break-ins. Also, your frozen foods among other items in the fridge will be spoiled. And if your house relies on AC to remain warm or cool, it’s about to get uncomfortable with no power. 

Final Take 

Finally, have all the emergency numbers you might need in case things go south during the storm. For starters, have the contacts for a natural disaster, and medical emergency evacuation. Other information includes knowing safe evacuation routes, storm shelters, and sandbag locations. But most importantly, staying out of darkness is crucial. 

It will spare you from huge losses and uncomfortable staying in your home through the storm period. That said; contact Cooling Power Corp to reserve a backup generator. They are one of the best and reliable rental companies for generators in the South Florida, Miami area. What’s more, they also provide portable AC units in case you will need one for your household.