Preparing Your Business for Power Outages

Power outages can be common in Florida, especially during hurricane season. The question is, what happens to a business when an outage occurs? For a small business, power outages can be especially devastating. When power outages occur, customers decline and the productivity of employees is lost. These factors overall result in a loss of revenue. However, there are a few tips to minimize the impact of a power outage:

The Importance of Preparing for a Work Power Outage

For business owners, knowing exactly what must happen when an outage occurs is essential. Preparedness results in keeping a business running despite the circumstances. Therefore, customers are kept safe, employees are productive, and profit is not lost. Businesses that operate in-store can suffer from internet and electricity loss for hours. Customers will not be able to visit a store or purchase any items. Employees will also lack tasks if they have no customers to serve. Office-based jobs will also suffer the consequences as they cannot respond to emails and work online. With power outages becoming more common, it is essential to consider long-term outage solutions that will allow for businesses to remain open.

What to Do Before an Outage

  • Have a plan: as mentioned, planning for an outage is imperative. Ensuring that everyone knows what to do during an outage and is on the same page will allow for operations to run smoothly. Creating a business emergency plan can allow employees and customers to remain safe.
  • Ensure employees are safe: power outages should be taken seriously. Including warnings for elevators to not be used for a certain period can avoid issues. The last situation business owners will want to find themselves in is knowing employees are stuck in the elevator. If power lines are done, ensure that they do not get run over. Lastly, providing an emergency water supply allows for employees to stay hydrated.
  • Provide an emergency kit: Aside from having an emergency water supply on site, businesses should also stock up on first aid supplies, flashlights, and other necessities. Every employee should be aware of where these items are located and should be accessible.
  • Generator: if a business does not have a generator, it should be a priority to secure one. Once you have obtained a generator, know how to operate it. The basics of generators are to never plug them into power outlets directly and to not use them under wet conditions. When in need of a generator, contact Cooling Power Corp to rent one.

What to Do During an Outage

  • Report: If an outage occurring, report it to the utility experts. In case of an emergency, contact 911. Of course, only call 911 if there is an immediate danger.
  • Disconnect Equipment: When an outage occurs, the equipment can be put at risk. Turning off and disconnecting large appliances, and other equipment can ensure that nothing further gets damaged. This can save equipment from failure and costing hundreds to replace.

What to Do After an Outage

  • Confirm operation of equipment: once power is turned back on, check equipment to ensure that it works and is safe to use.
  • Turn off the generator: when it is safe to turn off the generator, ensure that all employees know how to do so safely. This can avoid any damage occurring.
  • Let others know you are open: whether you update customers on social media or other marketing means, let everyone know that you are back and operating.

When in need of a generator after an unexpected power outage, contact Cooling Power Corp. in the greater Miami area. Do not be caught off guard with no plan, contact Cooling Power Corp. today.