Quiz: Is Your Miami Dade Business Prepared For An Emergency?

Is Your Miami Dade Business Prepared For An Emergency

There are so many different natural disasters with the potential to negatively impact your business, including hurricanes, large storms, floods and earthquakes. You can’t stop any of these things from happening but you can take the proper measures to protect your business and employees in an emergency. 

Did you know that as many as 40% of small businesses never reopen after a major disaster such as a flood or earthquake? These businesses remain unable to reopen because they did not have a proper plan in place for an emergency.

Even small emergencies, such as unexpected power outages, can cause you to lose valuable computer data and revenue. If you need help getting your power back on, contact Cooling Power right away for backup generators and everything else you need to get back on the grid. There’s a reason we are open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week—you never know when an emergency might strike. 

Are You Prepared For A Disaster? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Answer each of the following questions ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Keep track of your answers in order to tally up how many of each you have at the end.

#1. Do you have a disaster plan in case of an emergency?

#2. Do you have different plans of action in regards to different types of emergencies?

#3. Have you practiced, tested and evaluated your plan with all employees? 

#4. Do you have storm shutters and other safeguards installed on your building to protect you in the instance of a hurricane or bad storm?

#5. Do you have automatic fire sprinklers?

#6. Do you have a complete first aid toolkit and other emergency supplies such as flashlights and multipurpose tools?

#7. Do you have a generator, or access to a generator, if the power goes out?

#8. Are all sensitive files backed up on a hard drive, cloud server and/or stored at an alternative location?

#9. Is there one person from each work shift designated as the ‘safety coordinator’?

#10. Are breakable objects secured in place? What about shelving, paintings or other odds and ends that could fall in an earthquake and harm someone?

#11. Do you have at least a 3-day supply of water and food?

#12. Do you know your insurance policy and what you are covered against?

#13. Are any of your employees trained in CPR and first aid response?

#14. Is computer data automatically backed up throughout the day? Do you have a backup tape off site?

#15. Do you have UL-listed surge protectors and battery backup systems to protect sensitive electronic equipment during a power outage?

#16. Do you have a NOAA Weather Radio?

If you answered no to more than a couple of the above questions, it’s time to upgrade your emergency disaster plan. It’s easy to become compliant and assume the worst will not occur, and maybe it won’t. But if it does you want to be prepared so that it doesn’t impact your ability to stay in business. 

Business Preparedness Plan

According to Ready.gov your preparedness plan should address all of the following:

-Emergency response

-Resource management

-Business continuity

-Crisis communications

-Information technology

-Incident management

-Employee assistance


All plans should be tested and evaluated in order to make necessary changes before an emergency arises.

What Emergency Supplies Should You Have At All Times?

Your business should be stocked with:

-Access to a generator in case you lose power

-A proper and complete first aid kit, available through the Red Cross Store.


-Extra batteries

-Multi-purpose tool

-Hygiene and personal sanitation products

-Cell phone chargers

-Extra clothing, rain gear

-Enough food and water for at least 3 days

Disaster Insurance

Insurance is an important component to protecting your business. Floods from large storms and hurricanes are a serious issue in Florida, and yet most standard insurance policies do not cover floods. Keep up to date with your coverage and make sure to add on flood insurance, especially if you are located near the water. 

Prepare Your Business For Anything

Know which disasters are most likely to impact your business so that you can plan accordingly. There are CPR and first aid training courses available through your local Red Cross chapter.

Cooling Power Has Your Back!

In the instance of an emergency, Cooling Power is always there to help you stay on top of what matters most. We offer generators and other systems capable of getting you back on the grid in no time. We are open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, so no matter what time of day or night you need us we will be there.