Renting a Generator for the Winter Months

A power outage is an inconvenience at any time. However, in the wintertime, the consequences of being without power for an extended period can be terrible. Winter comes with increased chances of power outages. This time of year, snow, wind, ice, and freezing temperatures all pose safety concerns. Winter in South Florida is no joke. Renting a backup generator is the perfect way to stay prepared for winter. It can help keep your home and family warm and safe in the event of a power outage.

Why You Need to Rent a Backup Generator

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider renting a backup generator in the Miami area, as part of your preparations for the winter months.

Backup Heat

It is worth emphasizing that heat is one of your most important needs during the winter, especially if you have children or the elderly in your house. If electric heat is what you have, and the light goes out, a backup generator is the only thing that can get you through the night. It could save your life. In South Florida and Miami area, Cooling Power Corp. helps commercial and residential customers rent power generators to manage while power is out during winter months.

Continue Business

If you own a small business or even a home-based business, losing power means losing money and possibly even regular customers. You will be fine as long as you have backup power. A power outage during a severe winter storm could last for days, if not weeks, and could mean the end of your business unless you have a backup generator. Ensure you are well prepared by renting a backup generator from Cooling Power Corp.

Portable Power

A good home generator will see you through the difficult post-storm period, but some people will require power outside the household. During a power outage, contractors, farmers, and anyone else working outside or moving from one location to another require a portable generator to power tools and lights.

Major Appliances

Some things you simply cannot live without for days. Refrigeration is among the most important concerns. When the power goes out for several days, the food in your freezer and refrigerator will begin to spoil. Other concerns could include medical devices, home security, power for mobile devices, and even a TV as a news source. Any of these requires the use of a backup generator.

Sump Pump

During a power outage in winter, one of the most common fears is that your sump pump failure, which will result in significant flooding in your house. Basement flooding can cause property loss and structural damage if a sump pump is not kept running to remove it. A backup generator will make sure that your sump pump continues to operate properly, preventing flooding in your home.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

In the winter, a power outage could turn off your heat, causing the temperature in your home to drop significantly. This might cause pipes to block and explode, resulting in huge damage. Using a backup power to keep the temperatures on will help in avoiding frozen pipes and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Call On the Experts at Cooling Power Corp

Cooling Power Corp. prepares business owners and residential owners to deal with power outages effectively during the winter season. Renting cooling and power equipment are the major services provided by Cooling Power Corp. If you live in South Florida or the surrounding area, you can connect with us to learn more about power supply solutions. Get in touch with Cooling Power Corp. to rent a generator to prepare for winter power outages effectively.