Renting a Spot Cooler During Renovations

If you’re from a place like Florida, you must be familiar with the raging hot temperature. And not to mention how uncomfortable it can get when there’s high humidity. While many of us enjoy the luxury of AC all around us, some people don’t. 

When it comes to industrial jobs like renovations, whether it’s a commercial or residential building, AC units are unavailable. As such, workers in those places suffer a lot when they’re working. But not anymore, all thanks to spot coolers. 

Spot Coolers

Spot coolers are compact and self-contained AC units you can use for industrial applications. They’re portable, making them suitable for industrial uses like renovations where the HVAC is unavailable or available and not working. They’re efficient at providing temporary cooling and making the place comfortable to work in. 

Renting Vs Buying Spot Coolers

Do you want to protect your HVAC system from dust and dirt during a renovation? Well, you need a spot cooler. While buying one is an option, it’s very expensive and it will end up inflating your budget. For starters, buying one is a significant investment that needs a plan. Thereafter, you’ll still need to sustain its maintenance services by hiring a technician. And if you bought an expensive model, then you may need insurance cover. 

On the other hand, renting one will do. It’s affordable and it will be friendlier on your renovation budget. Renting ensures you don’t incur the cost of maintenance. Also, you’ll not need an insurance cover which can be costly. To learn more on renting a spot cooler during renovations, read on: 

Benefits of Having Spot Cooler on Site

Easy to Use and Self-Contained

Being a self-contained unit, it makes it easy to use a spot cooler during a renovation project. And that’s because you need something temporary that doesn’t require prior installation into the existing structure. 

Highly Portable

Let’s face it, renovation or industrial projects require employees to move around frequently. And thanks to the portability of spot coolers, they can use it anywhere in the room as long as there’s a power outlet. 

It Will Improve Air Quality at the Site

Industrial sites are known to have a poor quality of air. Renovation being one of them, it’s no different. However, you can improve the situation for your employees. Spot coolers will help cleanse the air by filtering out dust among other impurities. 


Remember, you’re in Florida, as such, temperature is not the only menace you have to deal with at the job site. At a certain time of the year, humidity can be extremely high. And this is a problem, especially in renovation or construction projects. Humidity can affect how long the paint can dry up. Also, if you’re plastering walls, it may take longer than usual to dry up. Luckily, spot coolers are efficient in dehumidification. 

Keeps Everyone Comfortable at the Site 

Under stress, whether it is temperature or humidity-related, productivity at the site will be minimal. However, you can improve the comfort of workers by providing them with spot coolers for temporary relief during breaks.

Getting Started 

Are you somewhere in Florida doing renovations under extreme heat and humidity? Well, suffer no more. Reach out to Cooling Power Corp and rent a spot cooler. Serving the entire region, they’re reliable whenever you need their services. Further, they’ve some of the latest pieces of equipment to ensure you’re getting quality services. 

Besides spot coolers, Cooling Power Corp has other options when it comes to cooling solutions. Such options include air handler, cooling tower, air-cooled chiller, and AC rental. For more information on these, call them.