Renting A Spot Cooler for Emergencies

Rising heat can quickly threaten an operation or business function. From a server room overheating to a grocery store refrigeration failure or a faulty office air conditioning unit, emergency cooling services can save company data, productivity, products, and budgets. Portable air conditioning and spot coolers can be easily rented when issues and emergencies arise and save the day until you can coordinate the needed long-term solution. Renting spot coolers for emergency situations can save your business from data or product loss and save you money, preventing you from paying outrageous fees for emergency repair or replacement. Here, the experts at Cooling Power Corp. share all the ways your business can benefit from a spot cooler or portable air conditioning unit.

Spot Cooler Benefits For your Business

As a business owner in South Florida, you know the chances are high that areas of your business can be negatively affected by excess heart. Here are areas in which your business can benefit from spot cooler rental.

  • Decrease Downtime – Air conditioning unites are vital to South Florida businesses, and when they go down, your business suffers. Emergency repair services are in high demand and often can’t get onsite to repair your issue right away which means your building, equipment, and products may suffer due to rising heat and sweltering humidity. Spot coolers can be rented and on the scene quickly so that you don’t have to close and send employees home. In fact, spot coolers come in a variety of sizes, able to cool your workspaces, reduce downtime, and keep your business in business until repairs can be made.
  • Equipment Cooling – Spot coolers can also help with effectively cooling electronic equipment and server rooms. When temperatures rise quickly in server rooms and equipment rooms, both computers and sensitive equipment can fail. Equipment and computers which generate heat are the most susceptible and the most challenging to keep cool. In server room and equipment rooms turning up the AC can help but in the meantime, employees in the rest of the building have to deal with temperatures that are too cool. The solution is spot coolers which can cool single rooms like server rooms and equipment rooms effectively while the rest of the building remains comfortable. In addition, spot coolers in the situations are considerably less expensive than excessive cooling of the entire building just to keep a few room cool.
  • Enhanced Productivity – Productivity is one of the keys to the success of your company. When productivity declines, the financial impact is evident. Employees focus best, are less stressed, and more productive when temperatures are kept as consistent, comfortable levels. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold result in decreased productivity. In South Florida, heat waves are common, especially in the summer months, often just too much for air conditioning units to keep up. During these times, spot coolers can come to the aid of overworked air conditioning units until the heat wave has passed.
  • Conferences, Trade Shows, and Conventions – While not necessarily an emergency situation, conferences, trade shows, and conventions often take place in large open spaces where cooling is insufficient for the number of participants in attendance. Spot coolers and portable air conditioning units deliver the needed solution and keeping attendees cool and comfortable.

Call on Cooling Power Corp for Spot Coolers

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