Renting a Spot Cooler for Your Camping Trip

One of the most popular summer activities is camping. Families and friends gather together to head on weekend or week vacations to new and favorite spots. While preparation for camping is essential, the most common items to remember are tents, food, water, and cooking supplies. But what about ways to keep cool? It can be excruciatingly hot in summer. Aside from the food, you can potentially be baking as well. Why wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat if you can do something about it? Or why not enjoy a day at the campsite without being burned out by the heat? For your next camping trip, consider renting a spot cooler. Here are some benefits of renting a spot cooler for camping:

Avoiding Heat Exhaustion

During a camping trip, every aspect of your day is spent outdoors. From hiking and biking to river rafting, there are many activities to try out. Perhaps you might even find a place to rock climb. No matter the activities you attempt, depending on how hot it is outside, you potentially can face the consequences of heat exhaustion. Especially if you cannot escape the heat when returning to your campsite. To avoid the likelihood of this occurring, renting a spot cooler to keep at your campsite can ensure that everyone stays safe and cool throughout the day. Think about it this way, would you want to go back to your home after an hour jog in the warm sun, and have your home be just as hot? Probably not. Having a spot cooler available can provide comfort during summer camping trips.

Protect Food

When it is hot outside, all items outdoors tend to get warm too. The same goes for food and drinks. Without any cooling areas, refrigerated food while left out can rot in no time. This is especially true in Florida. While camping for a few days, the last situation you would want to find yourself in is not being able to have any good food to eat due to it spoiling early on. Plus, ice only lasts so long by itself. A spot cooler can assist in keeping food safe for longer while avoiding any unwanted gut issues caused by spoiled food.


As mentioned, being too hot can be uncomfortable, especially if you are trying to sleep. Instead of resenting your time camping by dreading the heat at night and the sun in the early afternoon, take action. Renting a spot cooler can avoid spending your time uncomfortably sweating in the sun at all hours of the day. Also, excessive heat can change the mood of an environment, causing more people to be grumpy rather than enjoying their time. Why waste a potentially great camping trip filled with laughs and adventure? Spot coolers are worth renting for an extra great time. Even if you believe you will not need it, you might feel differently when you arrive at your campsite.

How Many Spot Coolers Are Needed?

If you are wondering how many spot coolers you will need, this question can be tricky. If you are searching for a spot cooler to keep food cool and also campers, then the answer might be two. Spot coolers are measured in tons, and for every 150 square feet, you will need one ton of cooling. This is due to the outdoors not having confined walls and air escaping.

When searching for a spot cooler to rent, contact Cooling Power Corp in Florida. Experts can assist in determining the best solution for your camping trip. For more information, contact Cooling Power Corp.