Renting versus Buying Spot Coolers for your Business

Renting versus Buying Spot Coolers for your Business

Spot coolers and portable air conditioning units are used in a number application, particularly here in the greater Miami area. Server rooms and data centers are the first applications which come to mind, but spot coolers and portable air conditioners are also a great option for telecommunication rooms and hospital labs. Spot coolers are a popular choice in commercial office spaces as well as warehouses, restaurants, and retail shops, particularly when facility HVAC goes down or power outage occurs. They can even be used outdoors for on location photo shoots and filming as well as special events to keep everyone involved cool and comfortable. You can likely identify with one of these scenarios and may be wondering is it better to rent or buy a spot cooler.

The truth is, the answer is different for everyone, but it really depends on how much time you will need the spot cooler as well as your overall cooling needs now and in the future. In most cases, you can cut costs by renting a spot cooler, though there are  times when purchasing your own makes sense. Here the team at Cooling Power Corp shares the questions to help you decide what is best for your business.

  • How Much Time Do You Need The Spot Cooler? Will you utilize the spot cooler for a single event or will you need it every day in the foreseeable future? You may only need it for special event or a planned shutdown, then renting will save you money over purchasing your own unit. If, on the other hand, you have recurring seasonal requirements or will need it everyday for a long period of time (more than six months), purchasing a spot cooler may make more sense for your business. If you will be renting a spot cooler for five months of so, you will reach the break even point with purchasing a spot cooler. If you need it for a shorter period of time, renting is definitely more cost effective.
  • Will Your Cooling Needs Change? If you don’t anticipate a change in your cooling needs in the foreseeable future, and you only need the spot cooler on a limited basis, renting is the best option, unless you need the spot coolers on a full-time basis, as which point purchasing is the optimal choice. This changes if you have expansion or moving plans, or are leasing your space,  then renting a spot cooler may be the better option, allowing you to easily upgrade or change cooling devices as your plan progresses. If your cooling needs are continually changing, then the better choice for your business is renting the unit you require for each cooling load change. In any event, if your use of the spot cooler will be limited to five months or less, renting is always the most cost effective. 
  • Will You Need a Spot Cooler Due to an Emergency? If you are considering renting versus buying a spot cooler for emergency scenarios, then renting is likely the most cost-efficient option for your business. Emergency situations are often short events which occur infrequently and as such may only require renting spot coolers as needed, not making the investment of purchasing units which may go unused for months at a time. 

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